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Stand Alone Soldiers

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Fiction' started by Optimus1986, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Optimus1986

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    Dec 9, 2008
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    She closed her eyes as she connected the terminal jack to the back oF her neck. She had to go Net-diving to find the answer to the questions that still haunted her. Her purple hair fell back into place, and she was connected.
    It had started out just a normal day, Batou nagging her about her subsequent dinner with a friend, the Chief asking a lot of questions about a report she had filed the day before, and poking fun at Togusa for his antiquated gun. But then the explosion came.
    A building had collapsed, a reported aircraft had been blamed, and Section 9 had been called in to secure the area and investigate. A bunch of dead ends later, Motoko Kusanagi was hitching a ride in one of the Tachikomas and patiently ignoring its childish banter. Apparently, someone had hacked into the company's computer. Searching for something seconds before the crime was erased - permanently. It was an electronics company - the kind that made microchips for computers and humans in the current age. But nothing had been stolen, as the company's bank accounts and holdings were all secured and untouched. Which begged the question: why blow up the building if not to erase a crime or steal something?
    The crime scene was the cleanest she had ever seen - electronically, that is. The building and the death in and around it were among the worst she or any of the others had ever seen. Batou was the quietest she had ever seen him. No cracks, no quips, just silence which added to the grim air of the crime. Five thousand confirmed dead.
    Kusanagi's mouth tightened as she surveyed the net. She found the backdoor the suspect had used, but they had left nothing even resembling evidence. Even the best hackers often left trace elements of their crime - "Killroy was here", as it were. But nothing, not a trace. Whoever they were dealing with was the best she had ever seen. She heard Batou as she unplugged herself.
    "Major," he said grimly, "any luck?"
    "Nothing," she said as she reflected on the situation. "Not a single trace element. No tell-tale signs of any crime." She paused briefly. "But we know someone hacked into the building's mainframe, because of the open back door to the program. How in the hell could someone do such a clean job? Not a single slip-up."
    Batou nodded. "Whoever we're dealing with, they're good."
    "Yeah," she said, more to herself than Batou. "Really good."
    "Major," Togusa interrupted, "I have a witness here. Somebody who saw the explosion."
    "He says that there was another vehicle present at the time. A police cruiser."
    "So? Police cruisers are common place."
    "Not this kind. He says it was an American model. His description leads to a two-tone interceptor. That was discontinued in the states twenty years ago. But the cruiser was in perfect condition. Looked brand new."
    "An American model?" She hoped it didn't go all the way overseas. That would be intolerable. "Anything else?"
    "Yeah," Batou interjected. "We have an I.D. on our mystery aircraft. Lockheed Martin YF-22 Raptor. Discontinued twenty years ago after the company wend belly-up after a subsequent breakdown of trusts and so on. Alot of government contracts blew up in their faces after they couldn't deliver on time."
    "Discontinued? A discontinued American police cruiser, and now a fighter plane?"
    "Something feels very wrong with this," Togusa interjected.
    "A cherry car is one thing," said Batou, "but a fighter plane? Who would have the resources to maintain a fighter jet?"
    "Any number of companies," she said, "but only a handfull of individuals."
    "Where do we go from here, Major?" Batou asked.
    "I don't know." She trailed off. She was surprised by the Tachikoma's outburst of surprise.
    "Major, look!" The tank's automated voice chirped. It was pointing at something. A two-tone police car. Its lights were flashing as it pulled away. Then she heard something. The roar of a jet engine.
    "Damn!" sputtered Batou. "That cherry jet plane's back!" A volley of fire sputtered out as it made a pass overhead.
    "Evasive maneuvers! Tachikoma! Return fire if you have a shot!"
    "Yes, ma'am!" The perkiness in its voice grated on her nerves.
    They were off and running. People and emergency crew were everywhere. This was going to turn into a blood-bath if they didn't act fast, and the jet was coming around again. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the cruiser take off like a shot.
    "Follow the police cruiser!" she barked.
    "Okey dokey, Major!" the Tachikoma blurted. It was rush hour and they were bobbing and weaving through traffic.
    "Incoming!" shouted Batou. An explosion made an immense crater in the middle of the road. The cruiser broke away. "Whoever this pilot is, he's good!"
    "I don't think it's a person. Must be an A.I."
    "Major!" shouted the Tachikoma. "They're hacking the network again!"
    "Damnitt! I'm linking up! Tachikoma! Don't get us killed!"
    "Yes, ma'am!"
    "Batou! Give me some cover!"
    Batou's Tachikoma whirled around and was driving backwards. It's rear hatch opened enough for him to stick himself out for a shot. The Tachikoma fired, as did he. He heard the ping of artillery fire against the plane, and it pulled up. He was puzzled for a second. It sounded like...the plane screamed?
    Couldn't be.
    Kusanagi was linked up again. There was the field of the hacker before her in the net. It was strange, a sort of signal she had never seen, nor heard before. It made a distinct sound - an electronic screech. As if sensing her approach, it began to build a wall of information around itself, blocking her approach.
    "They're good, whoever they are," she said.
    "No kidding!" Batou shouted. The jet fighter was back for more. He ducked back inside just as the blast came, sending Batou and the Tachikoma flying through space and landing on the tank's blue legs again. "Tough as all get out! Where's our air support?!"
    Just then, the wasp-like helicopter appeared around the corner and opened fire on the fighter. Two rounds, sending the shrieking aircraft towards the skies.
    Kusanagi was almost to the signal in the impossible world of the net - a world of zeroes and ones making information. As she got closer, the hacking program...spoke?
    "You will never stop us, human!" Then it blinked out. The way it spoke made the hair stand up on the back of her neck.
    "Major," Batou said. "The jet's bugging out. It's blocking our satellite somehow, so we can't track it. What are we dealing with here?"
    "The program spoke to me." She was shocked.
    "It said 'you will never stop us', and then it blinked out."
    The Tachikomas slowed to a halt. Their battle had made a swath of destruction for half a mile. Fire was burning somewhere. They could smell the smoke. Everyone was in a sort of daze. How could this happen? And what were they after in the first place?
    Motoko stared off into the distance as she emerged from the tank. Searching for the handle on the moment. Her thoughts were interrupted by Togusa.
    "Major! We've been following the American cruiser, and we have it cornered."
    "We're on our way! Stay tight!"
    It took at least ten minutes to get there in the traffic, but the tanks and their occupents finally arrived. The cruiser was surrounded by a mop of Japanese police cars and a helicopter idled nearby. Motoko extracted herself from the tank and walked towards Togusa, who was standing with his weapon drawn and pointed at the driver, who simply stared into space. Scores of police were doing the same thing as the cruiser's engine rared in anger, like an angry horse caught in a trap.
    "Come out with your hands up!" Togusa yelled. The driver still stared into space.
    "If he won't come to us, I'll go to him," Kusanagi said. She enabled her camouflage and went in - her suit bending light and making her almost entirely invisible. "Cover me."
    "Be careful, Major," said Batou.
    She approached carefully, not wanting to give her position away. She ran on the balls of her feet, soundless, like a ghost. She pointed her gun at the occupent. The cop turned his head, slowly, locking eyes with her - empty eyes. Damn, she thought, he can see me! She almost fired when the cop flickered. Like a bad reception on a television. Then blinked out.
    "What?" she said. Then the cruiser transformed. In seconds, Barricade was before them, sending blasts at the simple organisms. Fire and death surrounded her and her team. Togusa dove for cover behind a Japanese cruiser, but it lifted up with the force of the explosion, exposing him again.
    "Tachikoma!" the Major blurted. The tanks opened fire on the Decepticon, who produced his flail, spinning it over his head. His red eyes made the tanks hesitate.
    "Woah," one said.
    Barricade launched himself at the first tank, which evaded, and the others fired. He quickly disarmed them by swatting their cannons off. Kusanagi dove at the mosntrosity, getting a hand-hold with her magnetized equipment. Barricade screamed as she crawled on him and Batou opened fire at his head.
    "I'm gonna kill you!" he shouted. "You and your little spider tank!"
    She attached one of her lithium mines to what would be inbetween shoulder blades for a human. Where he couldn't reach it. Then she leapt off diving away from the Decepticon, covering her head.
    "Fire in the hole!" shouted Togusa.
    The mine detonated, blowing out Barricade's chest. Then, he was silent as he fell. He twitched occasionally as Kusanagi slowly rose up. She was shaking, and she saw Batou approaching out of the corner of her eye.
    "Damn that was lucky! Are you alright?!"
    "Yes." She clenched her fist to stop herself from shaking. Togusa ran up beside them.
    "What the hell is that thing?!" he said.
    "You mean what the hell WAS it?" Batou corrected.
    Kusanagi was trying to get her breathing under control. "Whatever it was, there are more of them. I think this is only the beginning."
    "No kidding," said Batou. "That's the first time I've ever heard a jet fighter shriek. And we still don't know what they were looking for."
    "I'll find out tomorrow," said Kusanagi. "Right now, I need a bath, the Tachikomas need repairs, and we need to file our report."
    "Hooray!" yelled one of the Tachikomas.
    "I need a break!" said another.
    "Yeah, me too," said Batou. He read the stenciling on Barricade's dead leg.
    "'To punish and enslave...' Cheeky bugger..."
    The Major stood there a moment longer. "There was a name I saw when I was face to face with that signal. Starscream. It was embedded within it. Whether it's the name of their operation or a player, I don't know."
    "Was it this thing?" Batou asked.
    "I don't think so," she said.
    "He looks like one bad dude," interjected a Tachikoma. "We may even get credit for this one! Yay!" The others cheered.
    "I need a coffee," said Togusa.
    "I'm buying," said Kusanagi. "I need one too."
    "Yeah, good luck with that," said Batou, grimly. "I'm gonna visit my old pal Jack Daniels and his kids, Bourbon and Scoth. Care to join me?"
    "No thanks," said the Major. "Maybe next time."
    As they stood there, she thought she heard a sound, like a distant jet engine moving away from them. They had encountered many things before, but nothing like this. There would be a cover up, certainly. The surviving cops would be sworn to secrecy and it will have never happened come morning.
    "Round two," said Kusanagi. "will be different."

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    Mar 31, 2008
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    Way cool...waiting for more!:popcorn