SQ7 Sells TFs and Other Things! (Free Sketch Card with Each!)

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    Please be patient as images upload here! This thread is just a bit image heavy, but I want people to certainly see what they're getting before they get it! :D 

    I'm selling the Transformers and other items listed here. If you see something you want, be sure to pm me. I'm always open to negotiating (see my "Haggling!" section for more on this).

    All items are from my own collection and are in the specified condition listed (e.g. I didn't throw em across the room and bust em up, etc.).

    PM me with inquiries. If my inbox is full, don't fret! If you pm me and my inbox is full, simply email me at superquad7@yahoo.com and/or post a visitor message here. More than likely, I'll check those quicker anyways. I try to be very diligent in communication. If you send me a message and get no reply, you may have not read the following:


    Haggling! Everyone loves a deal. I feel I'm a reasonable guy. My prices are based on eBay completed auctions research. If you feel I've mispriced something, kindly point it out to me in a pm with a completed auction link. My prices reflect a lower price than the average of completed searches, with shipping generally built in. Feel free to make an offer, but know all of what I mentioned beforehand. I'm much more apt to offer a better deal with selling a lot. I've done my research and pricing so as to avoid a lot of work on my end. There's no need for us to go back and forth to save a dollar. Your time and mine is worth more than that :) 

    If you have a question about condition, ask prior to committing to/making a purchase. I do try to at least document a piece with photos of some level. If you have questions beyond what you can see, feel free to ask. Otherwise, just assume that minimal play wear is present on loose figures, as I typically remove a figure from the package, play with it just a bit, and place it on a display shelf (excessive play wear and/or damage will be noted). I do feel my prices are fair, but I do have some room to haggle (see below on pricing). Prices are in US dollars ($); international shipping can be calculated,. though I will always take preference to US buyers simply to avoid the hassle.

    Expedition - I make a diligent effort to get items out quickly after the item is paid for. However, please be patient. We all have lives, and these items are currently in a storage unit. It may take some time for me to get to your item and have it out. There are just some things on my end that are completely out of my hands that makes things a little more difficult than simply getting your messages/payment and shipping out a box. You can check my feedback of nearly 300 separate transactions to see that I'm reliable if you have any doubts. Thank you in advance for this here, as this is something that is very important to me when I host a sales thread.

    **SPECIAL OFFER! I'm including one (1) free sketch card of your choice with each purchase! BE SURE TO INQUIRE ABOUT YOUR SKETCH CARD! If you don't ask, I'll just assume you don't want one. To see what I've done recently, check out my work here (and feel free to let me know what you think!)**

    :rock  Also, feel free to inquire for JUST a sketch card, if you want one! I'll do them for 7 shipped! PM and let's talk!

    Here we go:

    SQ7's Vintage Joes! Anything there is for sale or trade.

    Photos! Toys For Sale pictures by superquad7 - Photobucket


    :dj  **NEWLY ADDED!**:

    These are newest items added to sales. Some have photos taken and attached, and some do not yet:

    • TRU Masterpiece Rodimus - sealed, cracked shoulder - 99 shipped *SOLD!*
    • ROTF Starscream (leader class) - MIB + extra weapons - 107 shipped
    • Combiner Wars Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp - MIB (displayed, transformed once, returned to package) - 120 shipped
    • Studio Series Leader Blackout + Shockwave Lab Articulated hands - $80 shipped
    • RiD Megabolt Megatron - loose/complete - 42 shipped
    • Transformers TFCC TFSS Circuit - MIB - 32 shipped
    • Armada Unicron - loose/complete - 97 shipped *SOLD!

    Cybertron Galvatron - mib/complete - 105 shipped


    Prime First Edition Voyager Bulkhead - misb - 69 shipped


    Universe 2.0 Dinobot - loose/complete - 40 shipped



    HFTD Highbrow - MISB - 40 shipped


    Cyber Battalion Series Shockwave - mib - 22 shipped


    Robot Masters Lio Convoy - loose/complete - 58 shipped. **SOLD!

    Generations Hunt for the Decepticons Perceptor - misb - 22 shipped


    Power Core Combiners Heavy Tread - misb - 40 shipped


    DOTM Target Exclusive voyager Starscream - misb - 27 shipped



    iGear Mini Warriors Figure MW-07 Veer (Swerve) - mib - 17 shipped


    Prime Rumble - sealed/minor package wear (see photos) - 15 shipped


    RID Cryotek - loose/figure only - 56 shipped


    DotM Cyberverse Hatchet - mosc - 12 shipped


    Cybertron Hardtop + Clocker - figures only/incomple (see photo) - 12 shipped


    2007 movie Wal*mart exclusive Breakaway - loose/complete - 20 shipped


    Universe 2.0 Target exclusive Dirge (figure + box/missing missile only) + TRU Cybertron Starcream (figure only/incomplete) - NO COMIC BOOK INCLUDED - $30 shipped


    2007 TRU movie Mudflap (redeco from Cybertron) - figure only/incomplete - $12 shipped


    2007 Movie Target exclusive (Allspark Battle Damage) Autobot Jazz - custom "damage"/can be reverted back (see photos) - figure only - 10 shipped



    Energon Bruticus Maximus - loose/complete - 50 shipped


    Fansproject TF Crossfire armor + ROTF Superion Maximus - mib/complete - 105 shipped



    Kre-O Megatron - mib/complete/sealed Kreons - 30 shipped

    Powercore Combiners Grimstone - misb - 35 shipped


    Generations Legends class Ultra Magnus - mosc/some shelf wear (see photo) - 15 shipped


    Titanium Scourge - WYSIWYG - 12 shipped:


    Armada Optimus Prime - deluxe+leader trailer and rifle - core figure loose/complete, trailer missing missile - $50 shipped




    DotM Starscream - MISB -- 20 shipped


    DotM Air Raid - loose/complete - 15 shipped


    Generations Kup - mosc - 22 shipped
    Hunt for the Decpeticons Terradive - mosc - 22 shipped **SOLD**
    Hunt for the Decepticons Hailstorm - mosc - 18 shipped **SOLD**

    Revenge of the Fallen Stalker Scorponok - mosc - 15 shipped
    Revenge of the Fallen Jolt - mosc - 22 shipped
    Revenge of the Fallen Interrogator Barricade - mosc - N/A

    Revenge of the Fallen Sideswipe - mosc - 22 shipped **SOLD**
    Revenge of the Fallen Ravage - mosc - 20 shipped
    Revenge of the Fallen Autobot Gears - mosc - 14 shipped **SOLD**
    Revenge of the Fallen Blazemaster - mosc - 15 shipped
    Revenge of the Fallen Tuner Mudflap (the greatest figure ever) - mosc - 20 shipped**SOLD**
    Revenge of the Fallen Deep Desert Brawl - mosc - 22 shipped

    (Combined offers available for multiple items!)





    Classics Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp + Fansproject City Commander armor (1st run) + Fansproject add-on pack - mib - 120 shipped
    (add-on pack kit package not pictured, but included):





    Generations "FoC" Grimlock - misb - 25 shipped


    Generations Junkheap - sealed - 20 shipped


    Cyberverse Powerglide - mosc - 10 shipped



    Commando Spawn - 10 shipped


    Kenner Aliens vs. Predator set - MoSC (Mail-away tag does have some lifting, otherwise VERY nice!) - 20 shipped


    Matrix figures - Neo and Trinity - loose/complete w/ all paperwork - 15 shipped for the set



    That's all for now!

    I'll update my post here with anything else that I have available.

    Thanks for looking! :D 
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    Post for photo attachments only. Please check the sales list in post #1 for actual items available, as this post may or may not be up to date, whereas the first post should be. Thanks again for looking!

    I'm glad to make deals and hook up people with things from my collection that have meant a lot to me in one way or another. Jump in, let's make a deal, and I'll sketch you a free sketch card, too! There are tons of stuff still available!

    Feel free to haggle :wink:  The more you're interested in is the more I can send to ya!

    If you want a sketch cards, feel free to pm me (see 1st post). Let's make a deal so you can get a free sketch!

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    Note: I am only making the below post in a smaller font due to the size of this post and the size of the thread due to images/sales list. Defer to my board feedback linked in my signature if you doubt otherwise.

    Let's continue with the boring but necessary stuff:


    Payments: PayPal is my preferred for money exchange. I will accept money orders. If you want to send cash, you may do so at your own risk.
    PayPal has updated its payment methods. Please use the "I'm sending money to family or friends" option, and cover the small fee ("2.9% transaction fee on the total sale amount plus a $0.30 fee per transaction." Fees to Send and Receive Money – PayPal US). The only reason I ask that you do this is that I feel that I'm already offering most things at a decent price anyways, and in some cases I'm already losing money. Also, make sure you send me your shipping address so I can get stuff to ya!

    If you have any doubts about dealing with me, feel free to check my feedback linked in my signature. I've been in this hobby for over a decade now, and I've only experienced a handful of problems both as a buyer and as a seller. See below for additional ways to ensure that you get what you pay for from me (insurance, etc.).

    New Memebers and Feedback: In accordance of and along with spirit of the Junkion Exchange Rule #9, if you are a new member (account here is less than 30 days old), your post count must be over 100 posts before we initiate a transaction and after 100 posts, you MUST provide some kind of feedback. Hopefully, by the time you've been around for 100 posts worth, you'll have enough feedback that this won't be an issue.

    Communication: Communication is very important to me, as I have already discussed it briefly thus far. If anything remotely happens wrong, you think twice about what you wish to say and how you wish to say it. I deplore cursing, so if you want my respect, discipline yourself. I have a reputation for being a "nice guy", but don't push me. Also, you may want to review Rule #1 here as well. Insult me in any form, and I'll infract you myself. I also reserve the right to simply delete a pm and not respond to you for any reason prior to making a transaction with you. If we are in the middle of a transaction, my expectation is the you will treat me with courtesy and respect. Check my feedback, and you will see that I am committed to making things go well for both of us. As long as everything else abides by my conditions here and the board rules, we won't have any problems. I try to treat people well, but don't take advantage of that.

    Shipping. I've priced some things with shipping for within the eastern US. Western US residents add $5 to the list price, as shipping has gotten more expensive. If a shipping quote is more than what I have allotted for shipping in my sales listings, I reserve the right to charge extra for that difference.
    Some prices do not include shipping (buyers pay actual shipping). Also, I've been having problems with quoting shipping prices to members that are outside of the US. I'm sorry guys, but I can't change what the post is gonna charge me to ship. If you're willing to pay for shipping, then that's cool. I will ship internationally, but none of those are quoted in any of my prices. International buyers pay item cost determined by me + actual shipping.

    Also, note that I'm simply charging actual shipping and other small fees that are at cost to me (gas to the post, PayPal fees, etc.). I always round off a shipping charge to compensate for this, but every time I've done so I've always given a person the better end of the deal. I use USPS.com shipping calculator to determine my shipping prices. This is not a place where I can haggle, unless I've chosen to do so. Please do not ask about me lowering a shipping charge if I've quoted it to you already.. Combining shipping will sometimes save on this cost too.

    International sales: I have had good success with handling international sales. However, consider the following:
    I've had problems with quoting shipping prices to members that are outside of the US. In an effort to maintain accuracy, I wish to get an actual quote from my physical post office first. I have ran into situations where I make all of the calculations on my end, only to go to the post office and be charged a different amount. This has happened both where I've been undercharged and overcharged. International shipping is already more of a hassle than it is within the states, therefore it should come to no surprise that my preference will always be to one who asks to buy something from me within the states. I will make good on what I agree upon, but know that before an actual sale that if I get someone within the states that wants the same item and can pay before an international sale is made, I'm going to go that route. I reserve the right to do this all the way into negotiations until actual monies are transferred. If you are an international buyer and request a shipping quote to me, I have to follow the process described above. If I have done all of this and then someone backs out of a sale, I'm already at a loss with an actual trip to the post. I'm sorry guys, but I can't change what the post is gonna charge me to ship. If you're willing to pay for shipping, then that's cool. I will ship internationally, but none of those are quoted in any of my prices. International buyers pay item cost determined by me + actual shipping.

    Another note: unless one pays for insurance, once something is out of my hands, it's just that. If you opt out to be cheap in this area, then if something is lost it is your responsibility not mine. I have had this happen ONE time in all of my transactions here, and it was the buyer who opted to be a cheapskate. In short, a tracking number is on me, but insurance and other services are on you. Additionally, all sales are final. If you failed to ask a question prior to purchase, that responsibility shifts to you upon payment. I do my work diligently to document with photos and list any defects that I know of. If you discover something that I've not documented, it either happened in transit or I didn't know about it. Again, upon receipt of payment, you purchase that responsibility.

    Regarding shipping, I try very hard to ship items on a timely basis. However, do note that I work a third shift job and depend on my lovely assistant (wife) to ship for me most often. Please be patient in regards to receiving an item from me. See above regarding my track record for items that don't arrive. I strive to be a very dependable person.

    Holds: Also, I'll be glad to hold an item for you. I totally understand about scrounging up cash. However, I've ran into situations where people keep me uninformed and items stay on hold. Unless an arrangement is made where I know you are paying for an item, I will only keep an item on hold for 7 days. After that, I reserve the right to automatically open it up again for availability.

    If you see an item you'd like, and there is some sort of status on it, feel free to inquire! I've had many times where someone has even agreed to pay for something, then back out while I've turned another sale down. I'll be glad to put you on a waiting list, and then update you (unless I've updated this thread).

    Also, if you are 100% intent on paying for an item, and you do want me to hold the item, please explicitly say so. "I may be interested" or "let me see, and I'll get back to you" and any other phrase that is not concrete will be treated as such. Unless you have specifically told me to hold an item or if you have paid for an item, don't assume I'm just holding it; be specific and concrete.

    To the "bargain shoppers": if you have went so far to inquire a shipping quote and/or ask me to hold an item for any amount of time, you are committing yourself to buy said item. Before you contact me, do your bargain shopping. I am not doing any kind of work whether it be a shipping quote or a hold just so you can see if you can save a buck. I've ran into several times where a buyer asks for a hold, only to come back and say they've found a "better" deal. If you do this, I will leave you negative feedback in the Feedback section. I'm not operating some kind of rip off service to begin with, so don't leave me hanging out of respect.

    If your business is to low ball me, don't expect much of a response from me. That said, I feel I'm not unreasonable, but I'm not running a charity either. My sales thread is here so that I can make money back for the continuation of my hobby or other things in my life. I've been known to be charitable towards those who treat me well, but low ball me or be a deadbeat and see how far it gets you. I reserve the right to simply delete your lowball pm and move on with my life if I so choose.

    I reserve the right to exclude myself from any deal prior to payment at any time for any reason. There are times where I have found myself compromised as part of negotiations with a certain deal, and while I'm generally polite about things, I'm not making it a point to screw myself over here. Prior to a payment being sent or any such deal being made, I reserve the right to cease and/or exit from negotiations from any deal. I am a man of my word, however, so if I have committed to a deal and payment it sent, this portion does not apply. Mainly, I'm just covering my bases here on the front side of making deals.

    Also, if you want to get more than one item, I can always work a little better around that as well. I don't feel that I'm that hard to deal with :) 

    If you're not serious, don't waste either my time or yours. I will often price my items using completed eBay searches and then dropping my prices even lower just to make a deal to begin with. Having said that, know that I've already went below the going rate for things, so don't lowball. Again, it's just not worth it for either of us.

    Feel free to check my feedback (linked my siggy) :) 
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    Bump for a friend!
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    Lots still for sale! Shoot me an offer! Sketch cards! Let's make a deal!

    Junkheap is still available, but Terradive has been sold.

    Willing to haggle on multiple items!

    Listing some new things soon!

    Post for photos

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    Generations GDO Powerdive (Highbrow redeco) - misb - 27 shipped **TRADED**
    Revenge of the Fallen Long Haul - mib - 30 shipped **TRADED**

    Prime Cyberverse lot - Skyquake, Megatron, Bulkhead, and Trailcutter - figures/various degrees of completeness/see photos for what's included - 22 shipped - **SOLD**

    Fansproject Munitioner+Explorer + ROTF Bruticus Maximus + unused Reprolabels - mib/complete (plus a freebie tank limb) - 115 shipped **SOLD*

    Universe 1.0 Devastator - loose/complete - 50 shipped

    G1 Insecticons TRU Exclusive reissue - misb - 60 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Target exclusive Dirge COMIC BOOK ONLY - 30 shipped

    KO [slightly] oversized G1 Micromaster Sixwing - 15 shipped.

    KO G1 Landcross - loose/complete - 12 shipped:

    Power Core Combiners Double Clutch with Rallybots - loose/complete+instructions - 12 shipped:

    Generations GDP Brawl - loose/complete - 15 Sshipped

    Dark of the Moon deluxe - Walmart Roadbuster - 10 shipped

    RotF Legends Bumblebee vs. Shadow Striker - sealed - 20 shipped

    Animated Arcee - misb - $33 shipped

    Masterpiece Optimus Prime (Hasbro version)- misb - 200 shipped

    Micromaster Sixbulder Oversized KO - loose/complete/tab fix (see photos for detail) - $23 shipped

    Prime First Edition Voyager Optimus Prime - misb - 80 shipped

    Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Cybershark - MIB/complete - 20 shipped

    Beast Wars Depth Charge - loose/complete - 40 shipped

    Prime Cyberverse lot - Shockwave 10 shipped

    G1 Crosshairs - loose/complete; some paint wear/discoloring; joints tightened - $15 shipped

    Energon Superion Maximus - loose/complete - 50 shipped

    Dark of the Moon deluxe Optimus Prime w/ trailer - loose/trailer missing stand - 10 shipped

    Beast Wars Cybershark - loose/complete - 15 shipped

    Generations Scourge - misb - 20 shipped **SOLD!**

    Generations GDO Powerdive (Highbrow redeco) - misb - 27 shipped *SOLD!*

    Beast Machines Primal Prime - MIB - $125 shipped (figure is complete, but the box has some wear *SOLD*

    Toys 'R' Us Exclusive Commemorative Series Reissue Hoist - misb - 27 shipped

    Revenge of the Fallen Rampage - red deco - mosc - 60 shipped*GONE!*

    Revenge of the Fallen Evac - mosc - 35 shipped *SOLD!*

    ROTF leader class Optimus Prime - MIB/transformed once - 60 shipped **SOLD!**

    Generations Skrapnel x2 - figures only - 12 shipped **SOLD!**

    DOTM Skyhammer - loose/complete/extra gun - 20 shipped **SOLD!**

    TFcon Fortress Maximus (Universe 2.0 Onslaught + Headrobots kit) - customized details, both portions MIB - 65 shipped **SOLD!**

    Generations Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus - loose/complete - 18 shipped **SOLD!**

    Tool Set Combiner Transforming Robots Set - loose/see photos - 20 shipped ****SOLD!****

    Generations Thundercracker - sealed, but bubble is dented, figure is mint/untouched - 20 shipped **SOLD!**

    Universe 1.0 Ultra Magnus - deluxe+leader trailer - core figure loose/complete, see photo for trailer details - 55 shipped **SOLD!**

    Generations Trailcutter + Hoist (loose/complete) + Reprolabels added + X2 Toys add on kit (mib) - 48 shipped **SOLD!**

    G1 KO Cassettes: - mib/labels applied - 350 shipped OBO (set/unable to split): ** SOLD!

    DOTM Starscream - mosc - 20 shipped **SOLD**

    Revenge of the Fallen Sideswipe - mosc - 22 shipped **SOLD**

    Heroes of Cybertron PVC figures lot of Apex Armor Optimus Prime, Megatron, Ultra Magnus, and Soundwave MiSB - 37 shipped **SOLD!**

    DaCa Toys Kronos - MIB, been transformed once, and has some extra parts in case some break - 150 shipped *SOLD!*

    Generations Seeker Squadron - set of 6 (Universe 2.0 Starscream, Generations Thundercracker, Henkei Skywarp, Generations Thrust, Generations Dirge, Classics Ramjet) -
    Set of six - 130 shipped

    DotM Darksteel - MOSC - 20 shipped *SOLD!*

    Generations Chromia - loose/complete
    Generations Sandstorm - MIB - 36 shipped

    Generations Springer/Generations Bombshell - 35 shipped
    Cybertron Megatron - loose/awesome/complete - 65 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Darkwind - MIB - 25 shipped

    Hunt for Decepticons "Revenge of the Fallen" leader Starscream - MISB - $99 shipped

    SE Universe Megatron - mib - 23 shipped

    Hunt for the Decepticons voyager Optimus Prime (mib) - 50 shipped

    Energon Mirage - loose/complete - 25 shipped (traded)
    Energon Dreadwing - loose/complete - 25 shipped (traded)
    Universe 2.0 Mini-con set, K-mart exclusive - misb - 40 shipped (traded)
    Armada Nemesis Prime - deluxe+leader trailer - core figure loose/complete, see photo for trailer details - 55 shipped (traded)
    Cybertron Sideways - loose/missing Cyberkey - 17 shipped (traded)
    Dark of the Moon Shockwave w/ Laserbeak - loose/complete - 25 shipped as a set (traded)
    Generations Red Alert - misb - 22 shipped (traded)
    Generations Scourge - loose/complete - 15 shipped
    Energon Towline - loose/complete - 17 shipped
    KFC Cassette blue Rhino/Ramhorn - MIB - 19 shipped

    Dark of the Moon Crankcase deluxe - loose/complete 37 shipped for the set of 3

    Galaxy Force Megalo Convoy - loose/ax only (see photo) - 37 shipped (traded)

    Universe 2.0 Sunstreaker - loose/complete - 21 shipped

    Classics Jetfire - loose/complete - 32 shipped

    Decepticon Piranacon Reissue Giftset - misb - 50 shipped

    Dark of the Moon Sentinel Prime voyager - loose/complete - 17 shipped
    Animated Optimus Prime (Cybertronian Mode) - sealed - 20 shipped

    Revenge of the Fallen Rampage - red deco - mosc - 60 shipped

    Generations Windblade - MOSC - 23 shipped

    G1 Star Saber - knock off - loose/complete/extra chrome handgun - 35 shipped

    TCC Membership Exclusive Depth Charge - mint in mailer - 30 shipped

    DotM Space Case - MOSC -- 22 shipped
    Universe 2.0 Stormcloud - MiB - 27

    "Shattered Glass" KFC Beastbox cassettes - 37 shipped

    Masterpiece Grimlock MP-03 (2014 release) - Toys 'R' Us Exclusive - $100

    Transformers Collectors Club - Timelines Punch/Counterpunch - loose/complete - 87 shipped

    Reveal the Shield Lugnut - MISB - 40 shipped
    Hunt for the Decepticons Breacher - sealed - 10shippped

    Revenge of the Fallen Tuner Mudflap 10

    Generations Drift - misb - 40 shipped

    Transformers: Prime - Thundertron (voyager)/CW Skydive loose - 40 shipped

    RotF Mindwipe and Skystalker - sealed - 65 shipped

    RotF Human Alliance Leadfoot - MiSB - 30 shipped
    Generations Hunt for the Decepticons Solar Storm Grappel - mib - 33 shipped
    Universe 2.0 Inferno - mib - 40 shipped
    Generations "GDO" Lazerbeak - loose/complete - 14 shipped
    Generations HftD Sunspot - loose/complete - 14 shipped
    RotF Tuner Mudflap - 22 shipped
    DotM Roadbuster - 10 shipped

    Energon Wing Saber - loose/complete - 60 shipped

    Instructions :Bombshell - 5; Shrapnel - 5; Kickback -5

    Generations Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime - loose/complete - 20 shipped

    Titanium Dreamwave The War Within Megatron - loose/only missing display stand - 20 shipped

    Movie 2007 Megatron (Premium/leader class) - loose/never transformed - 60 shipped

    Revenge of the Fallen Rampage - red deco - loose/complete - 30 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Sunstreaker - loose/complete/booklet included - 22 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Sideswipe - loose/complete - 22 shipped

    Universe 2.0 SDCC Exclusive Nemesis Prime - mib - 50 shipped

    Generations Red Alert - mosc - 22 shipped

    DotM voyager Megatron - sealed - 32 shipped

    Revenge of the Fallen Lockdown - sealed - 43 shipped

    Toys 'R' Us Exclusive Generation One Perceptor Reissue - mib/labels applied - 35 shipped

    Revenge of the Fallen Ravage - mosc - 20 shipped

    Hunt for the Decepticons Hailstorm - mosc - 18 shipped

    Masterpiece Soundwave MP-02 Toys 'R' Us exclusive - mib - 220 shipped

    Toyworld Hegemon 1st run - 97 shipped

    Generations Drift - sealed - 40 shipped

    Transformers: Prime - Optimus Prime (voyager) - 24 shipped

    Classics Megatron (tank from 2-pack) - loose/complete - 19 shipped

    KP Hot Rodimus for 160 shipped

    *leader Ironhide
    IDW TPB Starscream)
    RotF Jetfire
    =160 + HFTD Starscream

    115 for Brawl + DOtM Shockwave

    Robot Masters Reverse Convoy - opened+returned to box - 90 shipped

    DotM Space Case - Target Exclusive - sealed 22 shipped

    HftD Payload - MiSB - 50 shipped

    Revenge of the Fallen Rampage Rampage - loose/complete - 16 shipped

    Generatons Blurr - sealed - 37 shipped

    G1 Blaster - loose/incomplete/battery cover version (just a bit of silver paint missing on forehead; custom label added to chest; minor sticker wear otherwise) - 24 shipped

    Generations Thrust - loose/complete - 22 shipped

    Dark of the Moon Sentinel Prime - loose/complete - 20 shipped

    RotF Recon Ironhide - figure only (instructions available, just not photoed) - 15 shipped
    RotF "NEST" Ironhide - figure only - 15 shipped
    **SPECIAL! Give these 2 Ironhides a home for 23 shipped!**

    Cybertron Ransack - loose with a Cyberkey - 13 shipped

    Browning M1920 Robot Kindom RoboGun - mib/complete/stickers unapplied (Decepticon faction sticker from reissue Megatron bookstyle) - 125 shipped

    RotF Wal*mart exclusive 2-pack Slap Dash/Trenchmouth - MoSC - 13 shipped

    Generations "War for Cybertron" lot - loose/complete - 137 shipped
    (lot only, please do not pm for one figure or two, as I am wanting to sell all figures)

    Transformers Marvel Crossovers Spider-man/Iron Man combiner - loose/complete - 10 shipped

    2007 Movie leader Brawl - loose/complete - 97 shipped

    DotM voyager Shockwave - sealed - 32 shipped

    Human Alliance Bumblebee SQ7 "Hyper-Yellow" Edition - This is a parts bot from a custom of mine. It's simply a mix of parts 2007 HA Bumblebee and DotM Bumblebee/it's fully transformable and functional just as either edition of HA Bumblebee - 18 shipped (hyper-yellowness is free)

    G1 Dai Atlas C-888 (this is the knock-off version) - mib (labels applied/unsure if the electronics work/see photos for condition otherwise) - $120 shipped

    Grotusque - 10/Snapdragon - 12
    (21 shippped to Colin)

    Generations "FoC" Grimlock - loose/complete - 28 shipped

    DotM Ironhide - figure only - 15 shipped

    Revenge of the Fallen (Legends) Wheelie - loose/complete - 19 shippeed

    G1 Weirdwolf -body only- - $17 shipped

    Fun Publications TCC Timelines Transformers Collector's Club Dion with Cop-Tur - complete/instructions+card+parts in sealed bags - 22 shipped

    Fansproject "Menasor - Stunticons" - boxed/complete (transformed less than 5 times/Diesel has two broken tabs, one of which has been repaired) - $345 shipped

    Animated Ironhide (Cybertronian Mode) - TRU Exclusive - 27 shipped

    Knock Off Mach Tackle - 10 shipped gone!

    RotF Dirge - MosC - 20 shipped

    RotF Bikes Set - Arcee, Elita-1, and Chromia - loose/complete - 35 shipped

    Hunt for Decepticons "Revenge of the Fallen" leader Starscream - misb - 112 shipped

    G1 Overlord (European version) - mib/complete except no missiles - $525

    2014 Toys 'R' Us Masterpiece Grimlock - misb - $110 shipped

    Galaxy Force Starscream - mib/complete - $60

    RotF Human Alliance Shadowblade Sideswipe - MiSB - 55 shipped (25 for the item)

    FansProject Car Crash - misb - $55 shipped

    Armada deluxe "bendy" Optimus Prime - figure only - gifted

    Custom Cybertron Black Zarak - loose/complete - head painted gold and visor painted translucent red - gifted

    RtS Wreck-Gar - MoSC - 22 shipped

    RotF Dead End - MosC - 20 shipped

    RotF Jetfire (leader class) - MiB/complete - 100 shipped

    DotM leader Ironhide - sealed - 75 shipped

    Beast Wars Transmetal Cybershark - loose/complete - 13 shipped each (3 @ 33 shipped)

    Classics "2-Pack" Optimus Prime - robot only - 13 shipped

    G1 Sludge - robot only, chrome wear present/see photos - 20 shipped

    HtfD Battle Hooks Optimus Prime - leader class - mib/transformed only once - transform it back for 56 shipped

    Cybertron Dark Crumplezone - loose/missing only Cyberkey - 24 shipped

    Cyberverse Guzzle - mosc - 14 shipped

    Cybertron Thundercracker - figure only - 8 shipped

    IDW comics lot - 30 shipped (Traded)

    Transformers Prime - Soundwave - sealed - 22 shipped (traded)

    Leader Sentinel Prime - misb - 40 shipped

    Armada Hoist - figure only - 13 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Hardhead Wal*mart exclusive + Headrobots Hothead kit - MiB - 70 shipped

    Armada Hoist - figure only - 13 shipped

    Battle in Space Rodimus vs. Cyclonus - sealed - 37 shipped

    RtS Turbo Tracks - MoSC - 22 shipped

    RtS "G2" Optimus Prime - MoSC - 22 shipped

    RtS "G2" Optimus Prime - MoSC - 20 shipped

    RotF Bludgeon - sealed - 27 shipped

    RtS Windcharger - MoSC - traded

    Generations Wheeljack - sealed - traded

    RotF Starscream K-mart Exclusive - MiB - 25 shipped

    RotF Legends Starscream - figure/complete - (free with RotF Starscream K-mart Exclusive order)

    RotF Beachcomber - loose/complete - 9 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Hound - mosc - 37 shipped

    Universe Treadbolt - MiB (custom Decepticon faction symbol applied/easily removable if unwanted) - 27 shipped

    Generations Thundercracker - sealed - 22 shipped

    Energon Constructicon Maximus + bonus Classics Devastator limb - 6 figures + four combiner limb parts - 65 shipped

    Generations Hoist and Trailcutter - loose/complete - 22 shipped

    HftD Tomahawk - sealed - 22 shipped

    Generations GDO Springer - TRU Exclusive - sealed - 22 shipped

    Classics Starscream - loose/complete - 23 shipped

    Generations FoC Starscream - loose/complete - 19 shipped

    Cybertron Legends Soundwave - 7 shipped (or 4 with any other figure order)

    KO BW Leo Convoy - figure only - 14 shipped

    Energon Scorponok - loose/complete - 40 shipped

    Power Core Combiners Grimstone with Dinobots - loose/complete - 29 shipped

    Energon Starscream (G1 deco) - loose/complete - 20 shipped

    Energon Rodimus - figure only - 15 shipped

    Movie 2007 Bumblebee - Premium Series - loose/complete - 15 shipped

    Movie 2007 Bumblebee - loose/complete - 15 shipped

    Cybertron Crumplezone - loose/missing only Cyberkey - 20 shipped

    Energon Quickstrike - MiB - 32 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Cyclonus - MoSC - 22 shipped

    Cybertron Leobreaker - figure only - traded

    Classics Rodimus - MoSC - 30 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Cyclonus - MoSC - 22 shipped

    Parts bots Armada Megatron - missing head pinchers and leg panel - 7/Universe Dropshot - robot only/missing head - 10/Cybertron Hot Shot (Cybertron Defense) - robot only/bumper and cannons missing - 5 - 25 shipped

    RotF Megatron (leader class) - MiB/complete - 90 shipped

    Instruction Booklets:
    Optimus Prime - 12
    Weirdwolf - 10
    Doublecross - 10

    Masterpiece Skywarp - "sealed" - 80

    Universe Nemesis Prime - 99% complete (only missing missile) - spark crystal changed to "Decepticon" - 62 shipped

    Fansproject Protector ORIGINAL armor - MiB - 130 shipped

    Masterpiece Skywarp - MiSB/AFA ready - 80 shipped

    Masterpiece Skywarp - MiSB/AFA ready - 80 shipped

    Masterpiece Skywarp - MiSB/AFA ready - 80 shipped

    Masterpiece Skywarp - MiSB/AFA ready - 80 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Ratbat - loose/with box/only missing Force Chip - 22 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Roadbuster vs. Dirge Target exclusive set - MiSB - 45 shipped

    Masterpiece Skywarp - MiSB/AFA ready - 80 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Skyfall - 32 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Treadbolt - loose/complete - 20 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Dropshot and Overload with customs partswap - 40

    Random lot of weapons/parts

    TCC Over-run and Runamuck set - new/completely unused - prefect for a sealed or AFA - (Over-run comes as an open box; Runamuck comes sealed in a bag) 150

    Classics Bumblebee - loose/complete - 23 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Ironhide - loose/complete - head painted by me with silver Testors enamel - 23 shipped

    Igear Kup head set - loose/complete - 18 shipped

    Armada Predacon figure/Transmetal Megatron parts lot - Customize your own Transmetal Megatron without fear of GPS! - 35 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Dirge Target Exclusive set - loose/no Cyberkey - 25 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Cyclonus - loose/incomplete (this is part of the "Armada"!) - 12 shipped

    PCC Smolder - robot only - 7 shipped/or additional 3 dollars with any order

    PCC Steelshot - robot only - 7 shipped/or additional 3 dollars with any order

    PCC Darkstream - robot only - 7 shipped/or additional 3 dollars with any order

    PCC Undertow - robot only - 7 shipped/or additional 3 dollars with any order

    PCC Salvage - robot only - 7 shipped/or additional 3 dollars with any order

    PCC Double Clutch - robot only - 7 shipped/or additional 3 dollars with any order

    PCC Icepick - robot only - 7 shipped/or additional 3 dollars with any order

    Classics Jetfire - robot/backpack boosters/launchers only - legs modified to increase height (refer to photos) - 15 shipped

    PCC Leadfoot - robot only - 7 shipped/or additional 3 dollars with any order

    Cybertron Scrapmetal lot of 4 - loose - 35 shipped

    2007 Movie Jetstorm Toys 'R' Us exclusive - loose/no Cyberkey - 25 shipped

    Generations Optimus Prime "War for Cybertron" version - loose/complete - 20 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Prowl - MoSC - 35 shipped

    RotF Human Alliance Mudflap - MiSB - 90 shipped

    RotF Human Alliance Mudflap - MiSB - 90 shipped

    Classics Megatron - MiB - 28 shipped

    Energon Grimlock and Swoop - loose/complete - 45 shipped

    Armorhide Target Exclusive - loose/no Cyberkey - 8 shipped

    Transformers Universe 2.0 Jazz (Legends class) - MoSC - 15 shipped

    Armada Wheeljack - loose/complete - 18 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Starscream - MoSC - 35 shipped

    Reveal the Shield Rodimus vs. Cyclonus set - MiSB - 32 shipped

    Universe 2.0 Countdown - MiB, with customized head by Superquad7 (RARE chance to own any custom work of mine, as I hardly ever make my work available for sale) - 50 shipped

    Energon Starscream - loose/complete - 14 shipped **SOLD**

    Knock-off Beast Wars Spitor - 10 shipped for all 3 **SOLD**

    Brainstorm Instructions - 5 **SOLD**

    Beast Wars II Hellscream
    - MiB - 55 shipped **SOLD**

    Knock-off Beast Wars Megatron - loose - 12 shipped **SOLD**

    DotM Cyberverse Flak - MoSC - 10 shipped**SOLD*

    G1 Roadblock - Pretender vehicle and plow only - 20 shipped**SOLD**

    Beast Wars Transmetal Scavenger - loose/complete - 15 shipped each (or 35 shipped for all 3)**SOLD**

    Generations Unicron (Amazon Exclusive) - MiSB - $150 shipped in the US ($135 + actual shipping outside of the US) **SOLD**

    RiD Sideburn - loose/complete w/ instructions - 15 shipped **SOLD**

    Cybertron Override - loose with gun - 15 shipped **SOLD**

    Kre-O Prowl - MiB (only opened to ensure Kreons are present) - 15 shipped **SOLD**

    G1 Octane - loose/complete - 40 shipped**SOLD**

    Random sets of Knock-off Combiners - 25 shipped for all sets (retail price - 10 per set)**SOLD**

    Beast Wars II Galvatron - loose/complete w/bio card - 30 shippped **SOLD**

    RotF Wal*mart exclusive 2-pack Beachcomber/Deadlift - MoSC - **SOLD** 15 shipped each

    TRU Commemorative Series G1 Hoist - loose/comes with what you see - 19 shipped **SOLD**

    G1 Roadblock - Large Pretender robot only - 25 shipped **SOLD**

    G1 Skullcruncher - body only - 15 shipped **SOLD**

    G1 Minispies - see photos - 10 shipped each or 15 shipped for both **SOLD**

    Knock-off combiner (Brave?) - 15 shipped **SOLD**

    Knock off Pretender Bumblebee and Chibi-car - 10 shipped for the set **SOLD**

    Knock off Mini-Dinobots 10 shipped for the set **SOLD**

    Brainstorm - 5 **SOLD**

    RiD Optimus Prime - MISB - 65 shipped. **SOLD**

    25th Anniversary G1 reissue Prime with voice box and second printing of G1 #1 - MiSB - 65 shipped. **SOLD**

    ]RtS Solar Storm Grappel - MiSB - 25 shipped **SOLD!**

    G1 Targetmaster Firebolt (for TM Hot Rod) - loose/nice (see photo) 25 shipped**SOLD**

    Energon Roadblock- loose/complete - 30 shipped**SOLD**

    THS-02 Hybrid G1 Convoy - MIB *55 + shipping] (what I paid for it, comes with two of the same fist for one of the pairs of fists)**SOLD**

    RotF Bludgeon - MISB - $25 shipped**SOLD**

    TRU Masterpiece Rodimus MISB - $80 + shipping**SOLD**

    DVDs for sale:**SOLD**

    Ocean’s Eleven
    Two Weeks Notice
    Just married
    Miss Congeniality 2
    Salsa the Motion Picture
    Dirty Dancing Havana Nights
    Reservoir Dogs
    Classics Ultimate Battle Prime vs. Megatron set MISB $20 shipped**SOLD**

    Cybertron Overhaul $8 shipped**SOLD**

    Cybertron Defense Scattershot (all paperwork) $35 shipped**SOLD**

    RiD Sideways $5 each or $12 for the lot of 3**SOLD**

    Universe 2.0 Tankor (Octane) loose/mint/complete $15 shipped **SOLD**

    SDCC Soundwave MISB $70 shipped **SOLD**

    Universe 2.0 Hot Shot MoSC $17 shipped **SOLD**

    Universe 2.0 Autobot Ratchet MoSC $17 shipped **SOLD**

    Universe 2.0 Silverbot + gun/no missile $20 shipped **SOLD**

    Universe 2.0 Onslaught MiSB $25 shipped (first run siren) *SOLD*

    Animated Activators Cliffjumper MOSC $10 shipped *SOLD*

    Animated Sunstorm MIB $10 shipped *SOLD*

    20th Anniversary DVD Optimus Prime MISB $70 shipped *SOLD*

    G1 Fastlane $5 shipped *SOLD*

    Set of The Matrix movies, $20 shipped (these only come as a shipped package, will not sell individually) *SOLD*

    RoTJ Princess Leia figure $7 shipped *TRADED*

    G1 Targetmaster Scoop complete $20 shipped *SOLD*

    G1 Kup $15 shipped *SOLD*

    Commemorative Edition Soundwave ("Classics" TRU Exclusive) MISB $40 shipped *TRADED*

    Cybertron Defense Red Alert (all paperwork) $45 shipped *TRADED*

    G1 Micromasters Moonrock/Missle Master $8 *SOLD*

    G1 Micromasters Meltdown/Half-track $7 *SOLD*

    Cybertron Ransack $7 shipped *SOLD*

    Cybertron Breakdown $5 shipped *TRADED*

    Cybertron Landmine (all paperwork) $17 shipped *TRADED*

    2007 Movie Deep Space Starscream misb $22 shipped *SOLD*

    Movie Leader Megatron [in Premium Megatron box] *TRADED*

    Universe Razorclaw complete w/ paperwork *TRADED*

    Real Gears set MoSC *SOLD*

    Galaxy Force Live Convoy MIB *SOLD*

    Energon Cyclonus + Minicon (KB exclusive) *GONE*

    Titanium Ultra Magnus misb *GONE*

    Gear Krieg Game piece misb *SOLD*

    Robo Vison Optimus Prime (Target Exclusive) MISB *SOLD*

    Universe Nemesis Prime *SOLD!*

    Classics Starscream MOSC *SOLD!*

    Metals Transform Dead End Race Deco *SOLD

    20th Anniversary Optimus Prime MISB. *SOLD

    Classics Starscream MOSC *SOLD*

    #siege #masterpiece #generations #cyberverse #combiner wars #power of the primes #titans return
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    Bump for a solid dude, and a good friend.
    There are some truly awesome deals in this sales thread!
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    Sales list updated. Some prices lowered! New items added and recently sold and traded items removed.

    Shipping terms updated to reflect rise in cost of shipping from eastern US to western US. <-- Make sure you read this if you are in the western US (specifically California).

    Certainly willing to deal! Hit me up! If you see something you're interested in, just shoot me a PM and we can talk! I can especially make better deals on multiple item purchases!

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    Mahomet, Illinois
    I'm in Illinois... so would that be Western?
  10. Superquad7

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    Nah, you're good.

    Mainly, that's there for CA and such, as shipping can be expensive.

    If you see something I have, just hit me up :) 

    * * * * *

    RM Lio Convoy - SOLD!

    Time for a bump!
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    Last Cybershark SOLD!