Spotlight: Claw Jaw or 'The Sea Hunters'

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    Hi guys, seen loads of guys writing so wanted to give it s shot myself. I consistently write Original stories and scripts for my own personal hobby and am also write stories and episode series for my own Transformers Figures which I then act out.

    Since this is my first attempt I would like as much criticism as possible (please don't hold back!). This is mainly so that i future I can do better and come out with more original and interesting Transformer stories! Thank you for reading and hopefully for commenting:) 

    Spotlight: Claw Jaw
    (The Sea hunters)​

    LIFE… He was born, unaware of his true purpose. Only now has he found his true calling when he was found and trained by the best Mercenary hunter in the galaxy. He is a sea hunter, a galactic Law bringer… he is CLAW JAW!

    The sea was dark, as the evenings sky thundered with the nights rain and lightning. As the weather roared with an unstoppable intent Cybershark knew he had to find cover or perhaps solace, the sea his only answer. He had spent the last few Mega cycles searching this dismal sea world for a renegade, a Cybertronian who had been operating outside both Maximal and Predacon jurisdictions and was wanted on Cybertron for the attempted assassination of a Maximal high council congressman. After searching the last of the few landmasses that existed on this small primitive world he had found nothing, another dead end. Frustrated again his only hope was to return back to the water. Although this was probably the most likely place to find him, it was also he felt like finding a needle in a haystack. Angered and seemingly helpless Cybershark stomped towards the shore. Upon landing Cybershark had taken on the alternate mode of a local organic life form. Upon viewing Cybershark recounted a similar creature from the history records of earth (before its sun had swallowed it whole that is!) that of a Hammerhead Shark. Its angry demeanour seemed to fit his temperament; he was determined and frustrated by how long this was taking and the weather was only making his aggression circuits rise.

    With a sigh Cybershark tread carefully into navy Blue ocean, dark torrents of water splashing and attacking his Armour plated servos. Treading deeper into the water Cybershark transformed into his beast form. He knew it was make or break time if he was going to find this Outlaw. He would have time for one last sweep of this area of ocean and that would be it, no reward and definitely no repairs to his already dilapidated ship. The renegade he was hunting was that of an ex Predacon soldier named Snapper. His personal records claimed Snapper was a turbulent and at times anarchic soldier, who was now an aggressive and vicious criminal after being imprisoned (and later breaking free) for shooting a commanding officer in the faceplate. Snapper has (or rather had) many accomplices who were each maliciously scrapped once their usefulness had sufficed. He has been linked or perhaps responsible for many murders on specified Predacon military personnel and a week ago attempted to rid the city of Cybertropolis of a Maximal Congressman named Blue streak (No relation).
    ‘A terrorist’ Cybershark thought, probably working for the thrill of disorder and disobedience. Cybershark grinned ‘this should be fun!’

    As Cybershark continued to swim his scanner on wide sweep, shoals of Fish reacted and darted away from his ugly visage. His dark blue skin matched perfectly with the surroundings, he was definitely in deep now. The scanner seemed to tone consistently with the surrounding sea life as they either fled or passed him by. Snapper would have most probably taken an organic alternate form as well; he could be any one of these creatures he thought to himself. A piece of slag like him would be sneaky and would probably hide himself until the best opportunity arose. As Cybershark pondered something changed, from nowhere and with the impact of a freight train something smashed into his bestial Shark forms gut. Gears and circuitry seized and sparked as the Maximal hunter reacted and span away in pain.

    Dazed and confused Cybershark tried to gain his surroundings. He swayed from side to side in agony until he could focus. As he shook the pain away he saw that in front of him a large Snapping Turtle seemed to be rocketing towards him. It was flying at him head on, seemingly powered by what looked like twin booster packs which protruded from its semi-cracked shell. Cybershark froze as the rampaging Turtle went headfirst into his own brow. The shark was sent hurtling backwards, into the deep abyss. The Organic parts of his Beast Form were now pretty damaged from the impact wounds of the turtle. As Cybershark began to refocus and regroup he saw the creature again floating before him. As pain roared through his body Cybershark managed a chuckle “So you must be Snapper!”
    “Sure am Maximal!” the Turtle screeched out from its Gnarled Beak. “And you must be the one the maximal high council sent to capture me huh?”
    Cybershark focused once again this time managing to shaking the knocks and bruises from his biological shell “Afraid not scumbag, I’m freelance.”
    “Freelance?” snapper questioned
    “Yup!” Cybershark answered, “better that way, less guidelines and more fun!” in a flash Cybershark transformed, his body switched and turned unfolding into a sharp angry looking metallic blue robot warrior. His red eyes glowed in the dark cauldron of water the two were embroiled in as Cybershark unsheathed his battle sword. Grinning a horrible sharp-toothed smile the Maximal Robot pulled a missile from his back and hurled it at his adversary. Reacting the turtle seemed to blast upward towards the surface dodging the attack. “So much for turtles being slow!” Cybershark thought as the turtle came flying back down, only now it too had changed form!

    Hurtling towards Cybershark was Snapper in his new and true form; his beast form had been replaced with a red exoskeleton now covered in the familiar thick turtle shell and reptilian hide of his beast form. Sharp yellow claws each looking capable of tearing through even the toughest armour had replaced his hands. The Predacon came down hard, hitting the Maximal like a battering ram. Flipping back Cybershark span back and from his chest unlocked a laser cannon. Blasting the area with an almost unfound fury he found every orange laser cell he fired was missing the felon. Coral and rock cloaked the area where Snapper had been in a dark debris making it impossible to see the Predacon, but also making it uncomfortable for Snapper to stay put. As Cybershark stared into the floating dust of the sea, Snapper retaliated unloading his own energy cells at Cybershark. Seeing these yellow explosive lights flying through the dark Cybershark lifted his sword and deflected both attacks. As the cells flew into the distant darkness of the sea snapper came back at Cybershark intent on slashing or stabbing the mercenary with his turtle claws. However as snapper lunged at Cybershark something caught him. Snapper looked puzzled as whatever it was had wrapped around his hands restraining him like rope. It was a tentacle, organic with an orangey/red rubbery flesh, which in turn was covered in suckers. The suckers clamped and held snappers steel armour in place as he squirmed hoping to break free from the tentacles wrath.
    “What the slaggin-!”Snapper shouted in aguish as he was he was pulled up. Above him stood the tentacles owner, a large orange creature itself a mass of tentacles and flesh, the creature a Squid had Snapper at its mercy.

    As the Predacon continued to struggle he soon found that he was powerless to the will of the being, which had caught him. Cybershark smiled and began to wade slowly towards both the Creature and its newfound prisoner.
    “Good work Claw Jaw, how long had you been following him?”
    The squid spluttered “Not long boss, he had been going around following you for a couple of cycles. Once I figured what he was doing I simple waited until the time was right!”
    Cybershark nodded “And then you struck, good work kid.” Cybershark gave his partner thumbs up as the Predacon Prisoner continued to struggle “Well Snapper Seems like you’re not all the master criminal you thought you were!”
    As Cybershark mocked his prisoner Claw Jaw the Squid transformed. Turning and twisting without letting go of his prisoner his body changed into that of a young Cybertronian, a Maximal plated in an orange and red exoskeleton. Its biological body waved in the seawater of which they were based, suckers continually sticking Snappers metallic hide to his Tentacled arms.
    Snapper growled, “You got lucky kid!”
    Cybershark looked down at the broken predacon “Luck ain’t go nothing to do with it pal! He’s a tracker and one of the best in the galaxy, got it all from me. Ya see I may be one of the best mercenaries in this part of the galaxy but even I’ve got to retire someday, and this bot you see before you is my best ticket outta here.”
    Snapper studied his capturer with utter distain as his prisoners boss Cybershark continued to explain, “Snapper say hello to my Partner and new apprentice, Claw Jaw!”
    The young Maximal winked and then stared deep into the criminals yellow eyes grinning at his captured prisoner.

    “Come on kid, we got him. Lets go back to our ship and head home, the sooner I get out of this ugly beast form the better!” Cybershark ordered, transforming back into his Hammerhead shark mode. As the older Maximal swam off into the distance Claw Jaw looked back at his Victim.
    “Believe me when I say this pal, you aren’t the first and you will most definitely not be the last!” And with that Claw Jaw tightened his grip on the outlaw and swam away back to the ship. Home, a place where he and his master the great bounty hunter Cybershark would gain their reward credits and repair their ship. A place where they would then find themselves a new target. A target who would be located and later found, Just as the numerous others who have found themselves in the wrath of the Sea Hunters!