Spotlight: Alpha Trion

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    And from one member of the 13 ( to another...

    Primarily based on Transformers: Exodus.

    As the Ark launched into space, I transformed for the first time in millions of teracycles, and flew deep into the forgotten underworld as the Decepticons finally flooded into Iacon, after the longest siege a city-state on this planet has ever endured. As I told Optimus Prime when he departed, Megatron would not dare penetrate Vector Sigma's defences after he was almost crushed by Omega Supreme when he took the Plasma Energy Chamber and poisoned Cybertron's core. Now, as I always have, I must wait, endlessly wait, this time for Optimus to return and restore our world with the Matrix.

    Our Father, Primus, has many manifestations and names on this world, including the Core, that produces Energon, and the AllSpark, that produces Sparks. Vector Sigma is this world's mind. I ventured into the circular chamber where the gold orb hovers in mid-air, its every pyramid-shaped bump on its surface reflecting a different Cybertron in the multiverse. I knelt, and wait for Him to speak.

    "Alpha, my child, it has been so long."
    "Primus, despite my confident words to Optimus, I fear for my survival. As I go forward in history, I begin to understand the words of your Covenant more and more. As I fled, Megatron pursued Optimus on the Nemesis, and left Shockwave in command. I fear for the Wreckers and for you, for he is a far more intelligent and dangerous foe than Megatron."
    "Fret not my child. As you hoped, I shall keep you safe until Optimus's return. For he is but one aspect of the one who shall save Cybertron from its oppression. For across the multiverse, Autobots and Optimuses require your help against the Quintessons, the Decepticons, fallen Primes and the Lord of Chaos."

    I reached out my hand and was transformed, body and spark, as the Lord of Light sent me across the multiverse to do His will. In one universe, I led the rebellion against the Quintessons, and as the Decepticons rise here too, I personally rebuild Orion Pax into Optimus Prime and found myself sacrificing myself for him to give life to the Aerialbots - who paradoxically, became the ones who delivered Orion to me. He still often calls upon me though I sacrificed my physical self in that timeline. Soon I aided another Optimus, a Primal in the war against Unicron. And in another universe, I gave Optimus the Spark of Combination, and reunited with my dear brother Vector, almost dying once more, to battle Unicron himself. In yet another, I even father Optimus and Ultra Magnus so they would combat the Predacons. Wherever I am, I push Optimus into leadership.

    Tired, I settled down in one universe where the war was over, I became Ultra Magnus's subordinate. Curiously, Primes are forgotten here and the title is merely that of captaincy: even then, Optimus proved himself a more capable commander than Sentinel. In another, Cybertron is dead and Vector Sigma is no more, so Metroplex and I began the slow tedious process of reformatting the planet. I had become cocky, confident of my experiences, and callously resurrected Ironhide to cleanse the planet of the Insecticons. Then, I tried to seize control of the Autobots in a universe where they were the evil faction, but I failed, and I also endangered my brother Nexus's life in an effort to stop him from recovering Prima's sword, that we agreed to hide.

    I've lived too long. And now I feel it is time to return to the Prime reality, to my Optimus...
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    Very intriguing! I'm liking this multiversal exploration of Alpha Trion. Seems like a nice little setup for the new TFP/WfC/Exodus fiction.