Heavy/Scratch: Spike for Lewin Optimus

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    I made this to go with the 29" Lewin Resources Atlas.

    This was made from a 5" Walking Dead Rick Grimes fugure. The construction hat and backpack was made from a Trixie Speed Racer figure. The wrench came from the Pops Racer from line. The boots came off of a 5" Ghost Rider figure from the Toy Biz line. The head was off of a 5" Peter Parker figure from Toy Biz also.

    The Optimus also has the voice electronics from the MP01 20th anniversary stand installed in his back. He has the ion blaster from the 18" MAS-01 Optimus and paint details added 20190712_052806.jpg 20190712_052503.jpg 20190712_052202.jpg 20190703_203204.jpg 20190630_114323.jpg 20190630_063031.jpg
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