Minor/Repaint: Spike and Chip Chase

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Johnybgr8, Jul 28, 2021.

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    After watching a bunch of G1 cartoons, I got inspired to try and make a Spike and a Chip Chase out of some Mega Construct Halo figures and a old Spike mini figure I had

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    Sorry for not replying sooner; I just came across this post!

    Looking at this, it's a really cool concept! If it's okay, I'd like to suggest a few things I thought of you could do to truly make these stand out:

    1) Spike's armor still looks like Mjolnir Mark VI from Halo. I would recommend maybe sanding it down a little bit and adding your own details to really make it unique and stand out. Perhaps you could even add in some bits that mimic the Exosuit from TFTM '86, and that would serve as a callback and a tie-in to the series.

    2A You have a really good start on the Chip Chase figure! I also saw the black laptop next to the figure in your pic, so here's an idea: make a swing arm or something to attach it to on the chair (and let it swing to the back when not in use), to really play to this idea. It would give Chip more to work with and really sell folks on the idea of him being a genius; not only did he build his own chair, but after the incident with Megatron laying his grubby metal mitts on the antimatter formula (Transformers Episode "Roll For IT!" S1 E5), Chip never wanted to be without a computer interface again!

    3) Chip's chair looks a bit wide, although this could be a strength when it comes to being stable on a surface. Conceptually, you could make his wheelchair a "modular system", with a core central unit that could plug into all types of "attachment sleds" for specific combat situations. This would make Chip a "transformer" in his own right!

    4) For both: I would experiment with repainting them in the same colors as Spike/ Daniel's outfits in season 3. Perhaps Chip is now part of the Earth Defense Forces (EDF) or is a consultant for them. In that vein, you could put the EDF patch on his shoulder or chest armor, while Spike could have an Autobot symbol on his shoulder.

    I hope these suggestions help in some way; I don't mean them as a criticism of your work so far. I think you have the start of an really good concept here that can work with a little more added to it!

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