Speculations on TF 5 based on TF4's galvatron -mild spoilers

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    The nature of transformium, galvatron's transformation from truck to robot, and megatron's mind taking over galvatron, gave me a sheer moment of pleasure when I saw one scene that opened to great possibilities:

    When the tech made the my little pony doll into an assault rifle, I realized the potential of galvatron... See, the tech didn't say anything. No one "programmed" the change, he thought it and it happened... Imagine if galvatron, now megatron reborn, can change his altmode at will to whatever his mind contemplates, AND can mass-shift now? TF5 could see galvatron turning into a canon, a space jet, a tank, laser, or a beast mode all in the same movie, with no need for changes to the robot mode. It's a great idea, tho I personally would have preferred the T1000 melting-morph over the flying particles... That effect was too "sandman" for me.

    Also, notice how all the drones killed by autobots or dinobots are still lying around in china? All they need is galvatron's "dark spark" energy to revive them and they are back online again... Since none have sparks... His army is basically "undead terrorcons" ... This has massive potential for future movies... If galvatron places chunks of transformium into earth machines, activates the transformium to convert it into earth/cybertronian hybrids, his army can increase tenfold... Add in the dozen decepticons in hiding that Attinger mentioned, and it's another couple giant robot death matches easy...

    Overall I think galvatron was an amazing take on the character. Welker voiced galvatron with just the right amount of malice and hatred.