Spectrobes: Origins

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    Some of you may know that I started doing voiceacting professionally in March of this year. Well, I am pleasantly happy with the way it's gone so far... I did my very first video game trailer two weeks ago and it's online now so I thought I would share.

    I have always been a big gamer, but I have just gotten so busy that I no longer have time. The last game I played was the last level of FEAR before my PC got upgraded and I lost my SAVED game.

    This video game, from what my producer described to me, is the sequel or prequel to a popular Nintendo DS game Spectrobes. It's basically a Disney Pokemon type game. Origins is for the Wii and the trailer I did the voiceover for debuted at E3! I found that out yesterday. Apparently, Disney Interactive has since posted it on their YouTube channel, so I'm happy to share with you a fairly cool looking game and my first videogame trailer:

    YouTube - Spectrobes: Origins E3 trailer