Spada's Review: Power Core Combiners Wave 1

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    Here is the collection of my video reviews for the first wave of the Power Core Combiners. While I think that individually some of the figures are pretty good I beleive that the implementation one the whole is a little half baked.

    Bombshock w/ Combaticons

    YouTube - ‪Power Core Combiners - Bombshock w/ Combaticons‬‎

    Skyburst w/ Airalbots
    YouTube - ‪Power Core Combiners: Skyburst‬‎

    Huffer w/ Caliburst
    YouTube - ‪Power Core Combiners: Huffer w/ Caliburst‬‎

    Smolder w/ Chopster
    YouTube - ‪Power Core Combiners: Smolder w/ Chopster‬‎

    Searchlight w/ Backwind
    YouTube - ‪Power Core Combiners: Searchlight‬‎
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