Spada's Revew: Device Label Blaster

Discussion in 'Transformers Video Reviews' started by BaltMatrix, Aug 8, 2010.

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    Hey Gang,

    Spada here and I wanted to give you all my review of the new Device Label Blaster (or Broadblast as he is called in Japan). Got a hold of this figure/device the other day and I am both impressed and a little disappointed with the figure.

    The figure comes packaged in laptop/hub mode and come with an instruction manual and a mini usb cable. The first thing to notice is that the usb cable is extremely short. It's only 13 inches long. That is much to short. In this day an age most devices come with at least a 24 or 36 inch cable.

    The laptop mode itself is quiet nice. At 4 inches wide, 2 inches deep and about 2 inches tall it has a rather small foot print. Opening the lid of the laptop mode reveals a molded keyboard and a bright red screen with small black lines running through it. In the middle of the screen is a nice big Autobot symbol. This display is much nicer than an image of a Windows desktop and backgroud (which is what has been shown in all of the pictures). But at the same time it does take away from the illusion a little bit.

    Transformation is very simple. The front of the laptop (where the usb ports are) fold out and down to form the legs, the sides of the laptop and the lid form the arms and shoulders and the head flips out from the chest section.

    Blaster in robot mode is a near perfect homage to the G1 figure right down to his tape-holding chest. Sadly I don't have any tapes on hand to put into his chest but I know they fit thanks to the directions and pictures on the internet. The usb ports work fine in robot mode as well but it is rather weird to have usb thumb drives sticking out of the legs of the figure.

    Posability is okay but not great, the figure is hampered by being slightly top heavy and the legs do not like staying in any position other than straight thanks to the electronics inside the legs to make the usb ports function normally. Also, there is to much red on this figure, especially on the arms. It would have been nice if there was something to break up the color a little bit.

    Other than these short comings the figure is solid and rather nice, but at $75.00 it cannot be recommended. That price is simply much to high.

    YouTube - ‪Device Label Blaster / Broad Blast‬‎