Space Bridge Technology, a lost art? *SPOILERS*

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    Is the ability to open "Space Bridges" (AKA: Movie-verse Teleportation) a forgotten technology in the "modern era" that the films/comics take place in?

    And, did movieverse Skywarp re-discover it?

    I enter two bios into evidence:

    Dreadwing (TF1)

    "Dreadwing isn't terribly intelligent, so no one's certain where he got the teleportation technology that allows him to warp up to two and a half miles instantly. He sure didn't invent it himself and no one else has it, so he must have stolen it, which makes sense. He is, after all, a born thief. Sneaky and greedy, he pranks and steals from his fellow Decepticons as often as the Autobots. No one likes him, so he spends most of his time alone, plotting grand schemes and spiking other robots' gas tanks with sugar."

    Skywarp (ROTF)

    "Skywarp has never been interested in power or conquest. He simply wishes to be left alone in his pursuit of knowledge. He joined the Decepticons because Megatron was willing to give him facilities in which to work, and simply leave him alone. In return, he has produced countless powerful weapons and experimental systems for his comrades. He is personally equipped with mighty weapons that can twist the very fabric of reality into a smear of color and light, or rip mountains apart."

    In ROTF, it seems that both the Fallen and Jetfire are able to teleport (or as Jetfire puts it "open space bridges"). Worth noting is that they are both ancient beings that have been out of the picture for aeons.

    Is it possible that Space Bridge tech (movie-verse Teleportation) was relatively common in Cybertronian Pre-history, but was lost at some point only to be re-engineered (in a diminished capacity) by Skywarp, then stolen by Dreadwing?
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    The method by which Starscream returned to Cybertron in "The Reign of Starscream" is described as a space-bridge. It appears to use multiple jumps in a circuit to reach the final destination. (There's a panel showing a space-bridge journey with multiple waypoints along the line between Mars and Cybertron if I remember rightly.)
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    Well Starscream used a bridge which was located in his ship on Mars. However Jetfire has the power to activate it himself. So I guess it's a lost individual art but it is still powered in the various ships and stations the Transformers have.