Minor/Repaint: Soundwave head on War Machines TF body. Seekerwave?

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Anthony _aggro, Sep 2, 2016.

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    I have wanted to try this for a while now. I originally wanted to use the Thor TF crossover figure that looks like a Cobra Rattler, but ended up finding an inexpensive War Machine, and went ahead with putting a Soundwave head on it. I used the construct bot head. I unscrewed all the screws, but the chest is very well stuck together, so I snapped off the old head and used a soldering iron to permanently fuse the construct bot head ball joint to the neck of the body. Unfortunately, the nose cone will not fully fit over the head, so i will have to take it off when I want to transform him to vehicle mode. Why would I want to do that anyways? I like the robot form. I just need to think of some more alterations and possibly a way to add a few of the Cassetticons too.

    With this peg style, I can actually attach any of the construct Bot heads to this body.

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    Personally I live using the Marvel X-Over bodies as TF bases. I love their big chunky voyager vibe. Given Soundwave's recent appreciation of stealthy military jet alt modes...this definitely works conceptually. It would probably be easiest to paint the head for a unified SoundBlaster color scheme. I'd also love to see something done with the "Arc Reactor" chest and those even more distinctly Stark-Designed hands to make him more TFy and less Marvel. But yeah. Solid concept!