Some Parts Needed (Mainly Guns and Heads)

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    I'm trying to refurbish some figures that have been with me since forever and lost some parts along the way. I'd appreciate any sort of help for a reasonable price. I'm also looking for various weapons
    Items in red text are higher priority, but feel free to send me offers for lower priority anyway so I can keep you in mind for the future.

    Send a PM if you can help.

    Energon Mirage/Dreadwing/Banzaitron heads-I need two of these for a custom
    facepic (1).jpg facepic (2).jpg facepic.jpg

    Movie Payload Chest Piece-I need three
    s-l1600 (1).jpg
    RotF Dirge and HftD Jetblade faux cockpit chest piece


    Also looking for multiples of the various weapons that come with FoC toys like Impactor, Whirl, Roadbuster, Twin Twist, and Topspin (pictured below)
    drillgun.jpg gun (1).jpg gun (2).jpg gun (3).jpg gun.jpg gun2.jpg launcher.jpg

    Same with Combiner Wars guns, preferably the black/silver ones

    110398.jpg gun (1).jpg gun (2).jpg gun (3).jpg gun.jpg gun2.jpg s-l300.jpg

    The mini-Allspark that came with the Allspark Power figures in the Japanese Movie lines or the Allspark that comes with the Movie Masterpiece Megatron or the Ultimate Optimus Prime. I'm also willing to buy the Allspark Power figure together with the mini-Allspark

    RotF Recon Ironhide's weapons
    gun (4).jpg gun2 (1).jpg knife.jpg knife2.jpg
    DotM Optimus Prime's MechTech axe
    gun (5).jpg