Some Junkers and Completed ones

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    Jul 2, 2010
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    Cybertron Leader Prime-Missing Panels on Side of Head, 1 missile, 1 clip in super mode broke and 1 is bent.-30
    Skyblast-Complete Some loose joints-7
    Energon Megatron-Missing 1 cannon, missile-25
    Armada Jetfire-Missing some Armor pieces and Minicon-17
    Energon Hotshot(Red and Orange)-Missing piece of gun and missile, 1 leg panel is broke but still fits-7
    Cybertron Blurr-Complete, excellent-11
    Energon Scorponok-Missing Missiles-27
    Armada Hoist-Missing Missile and Minicon-7
    Armada Hot Shot(Red)-Missing Missile-6
    TFTM Zoom Out 25x-Complete maybe transformed 3 dozen times-7
    Armada Galvatron-Missing Side Armor and 2 missiles-20
    Energon Landmine-Great, missing missile-17-Ebayed
    Energon Prowl-Missing missile and 1 pipe on head-5
    Obiwan Star Wars Crossover-Incomplete, 1 peg is bent, best for customs-6
    Energon Starscream-Missing Missiles and Sword-Gun-Thing-7
    Armada Prime-No trailer, Wrist pipe things, but have gun-6
    Armada Tidal Wave-Missing missiles-Good-23-Ebayed
    Cybertron Breakdown-Complete, Great-7
    TFTM Ironhide-Missing 2 missiles-15
    Armada Sideswipe-Missing Minicon-8
    Energon Inferno-Terrible Left arm, Pops of with the Slightest touch, Missing Missile-4
    G1?Bluestreak-No Doors or accesories-9
    TFTM Movie Prime-Missing 1 smokestack and missile-27
    2 Armada Sideways Minicons-3 each or 5 for Both
    Also, I have ebayed 1 item-

    Thanks for looking-All Prices Negotiable! Pics Upon Request.