Some custom non-TF Awesomeness for sale or trade

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    Hey everybody, I have a few choice items here for sale. I would love to keep them but I'm trying to thin my collection down to just aircraft in favor of a less cluttered living room. I am however open to a couple specific trades (sounds silly considering the above statement but see the bottom of this post for details)

    What I have for sale:

    Yamato 1/15 Bubblegum Crisis Priss & Motoslave
    -Metallic Version
    -Super detailed and fully painted
    -Fully transformable & highly posable
    -Comes with stand & a bunch of different hands for both
    -Also throwing in some bonus weapons like an SMG and a sword
    -Comes in original box
    -$75 shipped (us)


    Yamato 1/24 Patlabor AV-98 Ingram Unit 1 "Alphonse" +CUSTOM WEAPONS
    -Probably one of the best toys every made
    -Also super detailed and fully painted with tons of features
    -Comes with the standard stuff:
    ---Pilot w/ alternate head and vest
    ---Working revolver with bullets
    ---Working lights with batteries
    -Also comes with the original box and packaging, even have the Yamato silk to wrap it back up in
    -I also made some custom one-off weapons for it which are included (see below) as well as a Barrett 50 Cal
    -$190 shipped (us)

    ^ The Barrett 50 Cal is highly detailed with working bolt action, working magazines with a handful of bullets, working bi-pod, carry handle, adjustable butt stabilizer, and two different removable scopes. Most of the gun is metal.

    ^ The revolver naturally stows in the spring loaded leg holster. The revolver itself is highly detailed with working hammer and spinning clip.

    ^ Some of you may recognize this gun, or at least part of it. It's a custom weapon I put together inspired by the Anti-Armor pistol from Vanquish. I used a gunpod from a 1/60 VF-19 and a receiver 1/6 UMP-45. The idea is to create a compact, short clip shotgun that would be easier to wield (and more practical) than the pump-action shotguns seen in the Patlabor series. The receiver is metal and the magazine is removable.

    ^ I think it turned out pretty well. However if I were to do it again I would have built in some sort of clip so it could clip onto the bottom of the Ingram's backpack Kampfer-style.

    ^ And finally the Appleseed inspired bull-pup assault rifle. Again the receiver is metal with a moving fire selector switch, but unfortunately the magazine is not removable The idea was to make a super compact assault rifle for the Ingram so it could have some rapid stopping power. This is actually a combination of a bunch of different parts as you can see:




    What I'm looking to trade for and why:

    Yamato SV-51 Mass Production Type
    - My last and very favorite Valk that I haven't sold is my VF-0A. It may be a hoopty 1st-release. It's arm may have crumbled in my hands. But it's my favorite. So anyway if I'm going to limit my collection I may as well display an SV-51 with it right? Plus i'd really like to do a desert camo scheme on it. So if anybody has one and wants to work out some kind of trade then I would be STOKED!

    Code Geass Offshoot Burai or Sutherland -or something comparable
    - MY friend and I have a sort of obsession with VOTOMS & Heavy Gear. And call me crazy but I see some of the more basic Code Geass mecha to be a sort of evolution of VOTOMS or Gears. So I want to pick one up and try my hand and mashing the two series together in one mecha. Call me crazy but I want to make one and give to my friend!

    So anyway that's what I have and what I'm after. PM me for more details.