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    So I'm in the process of reorganizing everything and merging my home display and the stuff in storage. Next week will be more BW/BM centric. I might sell my 100+ figure Marvel Universe collection soon as well (including 10 customs from Hunter Knight and almost every Build a Figure).

    This list will have more items added every weekend. I've got a lot to clear out.

    Prices DO NOT include shipping.

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    Prices can be negotiated, especially if you buy more than one item (each lot being considered one item).


    Four Transformers Universe Kay Bee Exclusive Micromaster Combiners: Rail Racer, Devestator, Superion, and Defensor.
    Walmart exclusive Legends ROTF Devesator
    Everything is complete and in good condition except Devestator, who is missing a crane part on his left shoulder. I'm looking for the part and may find it.


    Marvel Universe/DC Infinite Heroes/Superhero Showdown Lot
    Target Exclusives World’s Most Wanted Six Pack—minus Lex Luthor: Hawkman, Batman, Superman, Gorilla Grodd, and some Red/Gold guy I can’t remember.
    Infinite Heroes: Batman, Superman, Joker.
    Iron Man One: Iron Monger (Opens to reveal Stane).
    Deadpool, Colossus, and Iron Man
    Superhero Showdown Doctor Doom and Reed Richards
    Batman Beyond Three Pack: Batman Beyond (not pictured but included), Bruce Wayne, and future Hawkman.




    Power Rangers 2010 lot:
    Mammoth and Dragon Cycles: Complete
    Zord Vehicles Triceratops and Sabretooth Tiger: Complete
    Miscellaneous mini figures: Green, Pink, Red, Blue Rangers (from the Walmart set that came with Lord Zedd). These have no accessessories.
    All of the backpack things from the mainline figures.


    Energon BRUTICUS
    Before FansProject releases their amazing Bruticus upgrade, be sure to pick up this great set.
    95% complete. All accessories are included. The only thing missing is one helicopter blade for the Orange helicopter.



    Huge Legends Lot:
    Movie 1: Ratchet, Skywarp

    Classics: Ramjet, Thrust, Trypticon, Blades, Silverbolt, Onslaught, Scattershot, G2 Megatron, Perceptor, Razorclaw, Air Raid, Jazz, Hun Grr (Not pictured).

    Animated: Starscream

    ROTF: Red ironhide, Tattooed Starscream, Sideswipe, Bumblebee, Grindor, Prime, Jetfire, Megatron, The Fallen



    TF Universe Leo Prime. Complete and in good condition.

    Bakugan Lot:
    Maxus Dragonoid set + Three others (metallic black set).
    One problem. The core of Maxus Dragonoid has the tips of the wings broken off. It doesn’t impact transformation, combining, or the ball mode, the individual/small dragon mode is just slightly less broad in wingspan. Pic provided for details.





    TF Universe/Classics Galvatron. Perfect shape and complete.