Solaris’ Lament

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    Planet Earth, Sol System
    Emptiness, sorrow, disgust, anguish, sadness...

    He looked at his shaking servos, unable to comprehend what he had just witnessed. Or rather, unable to
    not comprehend what he had just seen.

    So much could have gone right, so much could have gone better, so much could have changed! And only if he had not been so selfish and egotistical. He could have had it all, but now, all because of his actions, he had nothing. Nothing except hatred, fear, and disrespect. Everyone disrespected him, everyone feared him, and everyone hated him. He had no friends, no one gave him compliments, he was always belittled, he had no respect from anyone.

    Looking up at the forms above him, he had only one thing to ask. “What can I do to become better than what I am now?”

    Then, there was a flash of light, and he knew no more...

    One stellar cycle later

    Prowl grunted as an explosion ripped apart another wall close to his hiding spot. It was hard to believe that over one stellar cycle ago, Optimus Prime had been found dead, shot by an unknown assassin, and the Matrix missing from his now empty spark chamber.

    And it didn’t help that Starscream, that sneaky Decepticon, had gone missing as well, around the time Optimus had been killed. The SIC didn’t think it was a coincidence that the Seeker had gone missing at the same time as Prime’s death, but without Starscream around to boast about it, there was no proof he had killed the Prime.

    Megaton wasn’t bothered by the loss of his SIC it seemed, as he had just promoted Shockwave to the position instead. And now the Decepticons were even stronger because of how ruthless the evil scientist mech was.

    Speaking of which, Megatron fired on Prowl, hitting the mech in one of his doorwings, forcing him to fall to the ground out of his protective cover. A sneer crossed his facial plating as the Decepticon leader approached him, fusion cannon aimed at his head. Prowl looked up, his blue optics narrowed as he faced down certain death.

    “It is a shame really.” Megatron mocked as he glared down at Prowl with contempt on his face. “You showed such promise as a leader, and yet you couldn’t reach the same standards as Prime. It’s no wonder the war has become boring.”

    “Shows what you know.” Prowl snapped back. “War is a matter of survival, not a game.”

    “And this is coming from the ‘bot who has a processor for tactics? You run through tactics like it is a game.” Megatron taunted back. The fusion cannon powered up. “I find it ironic you would say such a thing when your actions point to the same thing you claim about me.”

    Prowl had nothing more to say as Megatron prepared to fire the final blow of the war.

    Then, he fired...from behind?! Prowl saw Megatron cry out in anger and pain as a slew of laser shots hit him from behind on the back. Confusion flooded his processor as he looked around for the attacker.