Social Distancing and The Transformers (Joke)

Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Zoingo, Apr 18, 2020.

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    So, how do you think the 'Bot and 'Cons are handling all this? Being primarily metal, the virus is bound to last longer on them, so the Autobots shouldn't have Spike, Sparkplug, Chip or Carly around, and as for the Decepticons, Arkeville's already in bad shape. Really shouldn't go having epic battles right now, either. There's collateral damage, and then there's whatever that would cause.

    I mean, sure, Megatron could try and take advantage of the whole thing, what with arguably decreased security at places, but now you have an even greater chance of just wiping out the only naked monkey's that know how to run these power plants and whatnot, and then you're really outta luck.

    How's Soundwave handling not having Frenzy or Rumble around? Dudes got a lotta pets, but still! And Speaking of Frenzy and Rumble, do you think the 'Cons have finally used this chance to figure out which one is who?

    And, If Megatron's only planning and not actually doing anything, how's Starscreaming dealing? The guy hasn't had a scheme to screw up in weeks! Poor guy must be getting the shakes at this rate...

    Or the Duocons, how's this gotta work for them? The Combiners have got it easy, "Oh, you mean we don't have to go on an insane rampage? What a real shame..." But these poor guys; do they just keep in vehicle mode? How's that work for the flyer halves? Is there just two sets of legs walking around, bumping into things?

    Can't imagine Wheel Jack had an easy time explaining this to the Dinobots...

    (yes, this is all a joke, for fun. While appropriate, I figured there wasn't a need to make the whole thing blue. Feel free to add your own takes, whatever continuity, keeping to cannon or not, just have fun with it!)
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    I laughed.

    Really hard.

    I would say, though, that Cosmos is giving Zoom meetings about remaining calm while distanced. Prime is realizing what a jackass he's been to Cosmos for the entire war.
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