SOC Chogokins, Macross, Gundams for sale

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    For sale are the following Soul of Chogokins MIB in unused condition but were placed in my display cabinets. Shipping is included in price from UK to anywhere in the world. Paypal giift or buyer pays fees please.

    Masterpiece Voltron 20th Anniversary (Metal) $250
    SOC GX-13 Dancouga MIB $230
    SOC GX-13R Dancouga (Anime colors) MIB $440
    SOC GX-61 Daioja MIB $230
    SOC GX-23 Zambot MIB $160
    SOC GX-36 Ideon $300
    SOC GX-40 (Factory qc, small paint chip) $280
    SOC GX-60 God Sigma $230
    SOC GX-39 Baikanfu $280

    Metal Build Unicorn Gundam $270
    Macross Zero 1/60 vf-0S MIB $270