By Generation: So, You Got a Droopy SDCC Dinobots Ark box, Eh?

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    Well, this is for those that own the SDCC Transformers Dinobots Action Figure Collection set (Psst! It's awesome). (Note: You can see our own Toy Gallery of this set here: SDCC G1 Dinobots & Ark - San Diego Comic Con Exclusives - TFW2005.COM ~Superquad7)

    I noticed that over the last week or so it began to droop and sag ever so slightly; this made me sad. I've only placed Legends sized figures on the upper tier, yet this still happened.

    Well upon closer inspection I noticed there are about 3 or 4 connecting parts of the box that already lost their factory "stick," which is causing this droop. Luckily, a few dabs of Crazy Glue in these spots, and the set is crazy sturdy and strong now; and upright.


    *along this wall on the right hand side*:


    *as much as you can reach on this ledge, too; glue it to the strip underneath it*:


    *along this wall, and under the ramp strip, too; on the left hand side*:


    [This makes everything] LOCK solid play set now, with zero droop.

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