so,what exactly is the CX3 convention on 08/31/2010?

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    so,what exactly is the CX3 convention on 08/31/2010?

    Is this CX3 convention brand new or has it been around for a long time?

    is the CX3 convention officially sponsored by Takara/hasbro & other companies?

    Where exactly in which country over seas does this CX3 convention take place? what are the days it starts & ends?

    Is the CX3 convention similar to the SDCC & jacoob javits convention? where various companies show off there up comming products to the media & general public.

    What exactly happens at a CX3 convention? do toys & comics get sold be average joe type dealers? are only official companies allowed to sell products at ther convention? is this also a media event where movies promo's are shown? is there any official company panels & Q & A sessions.

    I ask all these questions because I heard a few weeks ago. that the CX3 convention will be the first place that shows the MP Rodimus Prime proto type in COLORED version.

    thanks in advance for all those who took the time to answer these questions above.