So long Murder Prime, we hardly knew ya.

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    The original screenplay for the ending of Dark of the Moon wasn’t stupid, it was actually quite interesting to portray Megatron differently than in the garbage ass final film. Megatron actually has character in the original screenplay of the movie, but it was thrown out because Michael Bay is a fucking idiot who doesn’t know how to make good characters and doesn’t give two shits about the fan base.

    Why does everyone keep forgetting that Sentinel betrayed Megatron first? Sentinel literally grabs Megatron by the head and tears out a huge chunk of his head to show him who’s boss now and demoralizing him in front of his decepticons. That’s actually a plot point in the movie and one of the main reasons he betrays Sentinel to begin with. There’s even fucking screencaps of it on the internet so I don’t know why people wouldn’t be able to post those images on here. I would if I knew how.

    Also another thing just because a character has the same name doesn’t mean they’re the same character. The Movie Optimus is such a different character than his other counterparts. That’s not just G1 but, also Armada, RID 2001, and most of the aligned continuity. The other Optimus’s actually have the humility to admit when they’re wrong majority of the time when they screw up. The Movie Optimus only did it twice and were half assed both times they were done and it felt very insincere.
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    murder prime was one of the best things about the filmverse in my opinion.
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    Every single thing about the Bay movies was bad. All of it.
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