so i need info about the infamous heavy barrel aka trigger

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    he is pretty much the minicon partner that got removed from cybertron buzzsaw
    (first link)

    and i was curious, why do you think this was, and also how rare is he, cause now that i know this info i need to track him down, my poor buzzsaw now seems incomplete when i look at him, and i KNEW after all this time something felt missing, now i know
    (second link is of heavy barrel)
    so who can give me the info and maybe combined images of trigger aka heavy barrel with buzzsaw?

    bw buzzsaw and g1 ricochet ar my FAVORITE transformers, so i need this info for my growing knowledge of these two poor transformers that NEED some love and screentime

    i found some images here but STILL not told much about him
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    Buzzsaw, Runamuck, Longrack, and Blurr were All retooled Armada toys. Their Mini-con activated gimmicks were changed to be activated by a Planet key so as to conform to the Cybertron/Galaxy Force Gimmick. (which was the same as Armada's with a different trigger) Since each of the Armada molds include the Mini-con they are partnered with, they were produced at the same time as the Remolded toy.

    Trigger and the others were then boxed up into the Galaxy Force Micron Booster assortment of blind-packed individual Mini-cons along with a repainted Recon Mini-con Team.

    While not really rare, time has made the Micron Boosters a little harder to find than they use to be. Still, if you go to shows like Botcon or put up a want add in the Junkion Exchange here on the boards, you should be able to find one soon enough.

    As far as the Fan fiction about the Mini-cons from the Club, that's a grey area for me. In one sense, they are the official club so what they post as the club can be taken as somewhat official to a degree. However, those Mini-cons were never offered in the US and the Micron Boosters had no fiction given to them so you can take that for what it's worth.

    The one thing that does irk me a little as far as the club's Mini-con tech-specs go, is the confusion they've caused as some fans like yourself who wish to find the toys they're talking about when they rename them needlessly only to find out that the new named versions don't exist.
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