Illustrations/Digital Models: Smoke Effects Using Photoshop 6

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    Quick tutorial [about] adding smoke Using PhotoShop 6:

    First, you need an image of smoke with a black background (the black background is very important, [but] I'll get into that later):


    You can Google the image, [and] there are tons of free domain stuff out there that people put out. Now, add it to your Photoshop pictures.

    Second, make your background layer (which is your [photo] you want to edit, like Kup here):


    Now, go into "full edit" mode and drag and drop your smoke effects pic into it.

    Double click on the smoke thumbnail at the bottom.

    Using your Lasso tool, cut around the smoke; [there is] no need to be careful [here] - just give plenty of room around your smoke.

    Now, you'll want to right click on the image you cut out and select "free transform" which will seperate the image. Move the image out and then check on the green checkmark, If you don't move the image before clicking the green checkmark, the image will not separate:


    Once you do that, drag it over to the bottom where your background image is at (i.e., your main image). This will make a "new layer". Once you do this, right click anywhere and select free transform again. Now you can scale it bigger or smaller. Then right above your layer list click on where it saids, "normal" and change that to "lighten"; this will remove the black background, giving you a nice clean smoke effect. You can also change the transparency with the percentage bar next to the lighten option you selected.

    Lastly, click on your smoke effect layer, right click "free transform" again, [and then] drag it where you want it. Bam! Instant cool Kup!


    Now, I know this seems like a lot. The first time I did this it took me over an hour to figure out, but now I can do this in about 10 seconds. Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can.

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