Smallville 2/16

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IACON, Feb 17, 2006.

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    So it was Cyborg?!?!? AWSM! :D  Quick question: the 100th episode will air this week in Argentina, how many episodes more I must wait to see Cyborg?
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    For those who don't know, most network schedules for the past 15 + years go as follows (assuming a 22 episode commitment):

    Late Sept-Oct: Debut new season, and run off a string of 5 or 6 new episodes. If the series starts in early september, a few repeats will be tossed in to stretch the schedule. New shows (that have survived) will often repeat the pilot to catch up new viewers.

    November: Sweeps month. 3-4 new episodes to bring us to Thanksgiving, which is about when the sweeps period ends. At this point series will have burned off between 8 and 10 new episodes.

    December:Typically 1 new ep to keep you interested, as most people are distracted with holiday stuff.

    January- Saving out best stuff for Feb sweeps, but one or two eps to lead into them.

    Feb - 4 new episodes for sweps month. Total should now be around 16-18.

    March/April- burn off one or two episodes if need be. One new episode usually airs at the end of April to lead into May sweeps.

    May Sweeps: 3-4 new episodes (depending on how the calendar falls), with most shows having wrapped up by Memorial Day.

    This year things have been screwed up by the winter Olympics. Most networks assume that the Olympics will dominate the ratings, and avoid airing new material against them. Thus this February we are seeing a heavier slate of repeats than usual. However the series still have a slate of 22 episodes per season, so they're just shuffling around the dead spots. If Smallville isn't coming back until April, I expect a full slate of eps from then to the end.
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    Cyborg is in episode 103.

    And new episodes return March 30th, from what I've read.