Sluban X1 Hessen Chaser (KO Oxford ZForce 02) review

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    The X1 Hessen Chaser is a Sluban brick set sold as part of their Space series. It's also a near perfect copy of the Oxford Block ZForce 02.


    The set is a transforming battle suit and mini-figure. Turns from an open-cockpit walker with bird-like legs and stubby gun arms into a hovercraft. Being based on one of the Oxford (pre-Kre-O) sets, it has a LOT of bricks in common with Kre-O, like the ball joints and slopes. The set contains 108 pieces, instructions and a label sheet.


    Transformation between robot and hovercraft modes is very simple. Just fold the legs flat and lay the arms back across the body and it's a hovercraft. the legs have 2 all joints each, there is one ball joint for each arm, two moveable joysticks, and a free-spinning propeller in the back.


    Instructions are available online here:

    Personally I think, for now, it's become Kreon Bumblebee's new battle suit!


    The back of the box also demonstrates that the three robots in the series can be combined into one super robot, but there are no instructions on the combined form included in the set. I have seen that they sell it as a complete set, called "Caston-General of Ruin."

    Instructions for the combined form are available here:


    BTW - I have no idea what a "Hessen" is or why he chases it.

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