Slagacon Refunds (Vector Zeta Toys)

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    I am seriously disappointed in the fact that I have not been able to pay people back faster than I have with regards to the Vector Zeta toys. It has been over a year since people registered for those toys and several months since I announced that they were cancelled. I in no way intend to not pay each individual. I do want to make it clear that this money is coming from my own pocket and I can not make it just appear. With that being said I have well over half the orders paid back but still owe about $9k in refunds. I am trying to get everyone paid in the order they were received so if I have not gotten to you yet do not worry, I am getting closer to your name. I will be using all of my tax return in February in order to insure people get paid back. That should come close to taking care of all the refunds by that time. I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused anyone. I am not in your shoes but I do know the feeling of waiting for something that seems like it may never come.

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