Slag-A-Con Information Release: New Special Guest Announced!

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    Slag-A-Con Information Release: New Special Guest Announced!

    Slag-A-Con 2010 has given yet another exclusive announcement for their inaugural show in 2010! *drumroll* - David Sobolov !

    Beast Wars fans will remember David for his voicing acting work of DepthCharge during the third season of Beast Wars. Also, Slag-A-Con is now offering a voice acting class with David Sobolov as well as an informal dinner with him the night before the convention!

    You can find out more information on David Sobolov at his personal website or his IMDB profile. Make sure to stop by the Slag-A-Con website to learn more about the convention that will be taking place Saturday, October 9th in Chesterfield, IN.

    For more information about Slag-A-Con, be sure to check the thread in's Convention and Get Togethers thread here: and also the convention's website, Slag-A-Con.

    As always, stay tuned to for all of your Transformers News!

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