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    Hi Guys,
    It’s a great time for Transformers fans.
    - (If you're like me) The Michael Bay movies did not quite do it for true “ Original G1” fans.
    - The movies lacked the character depth that made the G1 so captivating.
    - The original G1 action figures were sent to Marvel Comics where creative writers would develop a bio for each character, before any storyline was produced. This is what made them so rich.
    - Netflix is close to launching the War for Cybertron series with the SIEGE 1st chapter.

    The writers and producers had specific goals, one of them = Make sure the G1 fans were not disappointed. The trailer looks very promising.

    I like how they opted for that blended CGI + Animation like the Borderlands video game taught us to love.

    Speaking of Siege, the action figures are actually designed and built by Takara Tomy. THE reference that brought us the Master Piece Series
    (where awesome transformation co-existed with awesome articulations for the very first time).
    But one could say this series is even better.
    - Awesome Mold Proportions and Details
    - Awesome Head Sculpts
    - Awesome Articulations
    - Most of our favorite characters are represented
    - MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE PRICE RANGE (most models in the 30 to 45$ range instead of 80 to 250$ for Master Piece)

    SideSwipe has always been my favorite. As awesome as the entire cast is, to me, everything starts and ends with SideSwipe.
    - Awesome representation
    - Finally a Cybertron Alt Mode = Awesome
    - To guys of my generation the Countach was untouchable… However, I kind of appreciate the front end looking more like the more modern Huracan
    - …But in my eyes, something’s missing…

    Such a flamboyant warrior and amongst the fastest Autobots…
    Adding Aerodynamic Ground Effects would probably make this figure perfect

    Challenge accepted !!!

    I like scaled models. As an Electronics Engineer I can be called to perform “surgeries” on printed circuit boards.
    Working on scaled models helps keep my skills sharp, especially in my older days.
    Take all this together and you have:
    - Low cost platform for scaled project
    - Old School: No 3D Printing, just hand-cutting, carving, filing, sanding, gluing and non-toxic acrylic paint
    - Keep the Cybertron look, capitalize on Lamborghini nostalgia but blended with modern Huracan lines
    - Sideswipe is one of the most under-rated and under-exploited characters… Yet, a fan favorite, nonetheless
    - Let the mods inspire the imagination for a short glimpse in Sideswipe’s past
    - Combine G1 series + Comic Books for the Character profile and added Bonus if it explains why we know so little about this awesome fan favorite.

    Project = 100% Success.

    Even learned a word… When you build a background for a scaled photographic or cinematic take, it’s called a DIORAMA.

    I made a story board in pdf and I then made a jpg for each page.
    Not as clean as the pdf but I’m proud of the results.
    It’s a show case of my modifications making SideSwipe look like he should in my eyes.
    And it’s a short tribute to this awesome fictional character.

    Hope you enjoy.
    Thank you.

    SideSwipe_Page1.JPG SideSwipe_Page2.JPG SideSwipe_Page3.JPG SideSwipe_Page4.JPG SideSwipe_Page5.JPG SideSwipe_Page6.JPG SideSwipe_Page7.JPG SideSwipe_Page8.JPG SideSwipe_Page9.JPG SideSwipe_PageA.JPG SideSwipe_PageB.JPG
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