Minor/Repaint: Siege effects from Legos

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    I've posted before (and others have too) on making Siege effects using a variety of things like hot glue, straws, glow sticks, etc but i wanted to take a moment for those that feel they are less capable to show that with something as simple as Legos you can make some pretty nifty things.

    First i want to start off with the infamous Sideswipe missile launcher. there are a few different upgrade kits that give Sideswipe a more G1 accurate missile that is basically a grey or white cone shaped piece of plastic. Well with a Lego 1x1 cone, a 1x1 round and a plastic straw you can make one. Is it 100% G1, no, but its closer than the red gun looking thing that came with the toy. And yes the piece i have between his cannon and the effect part is a custom effect part i made from hot glue and stuff.

    Here I've done the same thing with Optimus Prime to show that with the same Lego bits in a different color and a clear straw you give the effect that he's shooting a missile from his gun. Obviously that's less accurate with Prime specifically but again its to show that it works. Perhaps i should have used a tank LOL.

    And here are a bunch of random things I've thrown together to make different effects from different colors and pieces.
    20200124_072733.jpg 20200124_072738.jpg

    I think the clear orange bits make it look like fire coming out the back
    20200124_072750.jpg 20200124_072758.jpg

    Note that the clear straws are 5mm i have and is a standard straw. Using a straw will not work with the 3mm ports but work good for any 5mm port. You can also use the small diameter glow sticks as well as they have a 5mm outside diameter and a 3mm inside diameter to work with 3mm ports. I'll give credit to LostPrime for the idea to use glow sticks because that's where i saw it first.

    Keeping this one short and sweet because the possibilities are endless and i could literally go all day making different combinations with different parts and colors.

    I hope this gives you some inspiration to make some effect parts using Legos and would love to see what others come up with. So please share any ideas and/or creations for making some cool effect parts for your favorite transformers.
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