Shumworld's collection: The bots I plan to keep versus the ones I'll be selling

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    Shumworld's collection: 279 and counting

    Here's the bots I'm happy to have in my collection. Will update from time to time when I have a chance to remember whose in my collection.


    Among the ten toylines in this thread alone I have 112 toys.

    Generation One- 12
    01. Ultra Magnus
    02. Omega Supreme
    03. Quake- with Tiptop and Heater
    04. Overide
    05. Kup- whose been autographed by John Stephenson
    06. Mainframe
    07. Brainstorm- with Arcana
    08. Computron- made from Scattershot, Strafe, Afterburn, Nosecone and Lightspeed
    09. Pironicon- made from Snaptrap, Nautilator, Overbite, Skalor, Seawing and Tentakil
    10. Comos
    11. Warpath
    12. Rumble- WHO IS BLUE!!!

    Reissue/ Encore- 19
    01. Optimus Prime: he comes witht the Matrix as well as a G1 repainted Action Master Prime.
    02. Megatron: The one where he can shoot pallets and also comes with that kick ass sword
    03. Dirge
    04. Ricochet- With Nightstick, his Target Master partner
    05. Hot Rod
    06. Tracks
    07. Trailbreaker- First TF I ever owned who was a Diaclone, after all these years I still have his Diaclone Pilot
    08. Sky Lynx
    09. Botcon Glyph- no where else to put here
    10. Classic Soundwave-with Laserbeak and Ravage included
    11. Sixliner- made from Alan, Deego, Joe, Leaf, Night, Spark
    12. Landcross- made from Dash, Tacker, Mach, Tackle, Waver and Wing
    13. Perceptor
    14. Shrapnel
    15. Kickback
    16. Bombshell
    17. Ratbat
    18. Slugfest
    19. Ratchet- with a card out cut out of his G1 head

    Masterpeice- 5
    01. Optimus Prime
    02. StarScream- Wearing the Corrination armor
    03. Megstraon- I seemed to of lost Kremzeck
    04. Grimlock
    05. Battle Rollar- No where else to put him

    Worlds Smallest- 3
    01. Thrust
    02. Megatron
    03. Optimus Prime

    Fear the Micro Marauders.

    Classics/ Universe 2.0- 20
    01. Optimus Prime
    02. Megatron
    03. Bumblebee
    04. Rodimus- hope the Protector armor is available
    05. Ultra Magnus- with City Commander Armor
    06. Ramjet- who likes toast
    07. Jetfire
    08. SkyWarp
    09. Ironhide
    10. Octane- Whose this Tankor of which you speak of?
    11. Sideswipe
    12. Sunstreaker
    13. Henkai Dinobot
    14. Crasher- Also known as Movie One Fracture
    15. Overkill
    16. Cyclonus- with Nightstick his Target Master Partner
    17. DarkWing
    18. Hound- With Ravage
    19. Music Label Soundblaster
    20. Inferno

    Fear the Micro Marauders the second wave.

    Robot Master-7
    01. Convoy
    02. Victory Saber- Made from Star Saber and Victory Leo
    03. Burning Convoy
    04. Beast Megatron
    05. Thunder Cracker
    06. Revserse Convoy/ Rebirth Megatron
    07. Machine Wars Optimus Prime- no where else to put him

    One of these doesn't belong, can you guess which one?


    Alternators- 15
    01. Jazz
    02. Shockwave
    03. Prowl
    04. Skids
    05. Grimlock
    06. Hound
    07. Smokescreen
    08. Nemisis Prime
    09. Rumble
    10. Ravage- jaquar version
    11. Laserbeak- who I named from the Powr Rangers transofrming carline
    12. Sideswipe- with reverse chest
    13. Sunstreaker
    14. Tracks- with a flight mode accessory I made from a bootleg LeoZack.
    15. Windcharger


    Titaniums- 4
    01. War Within Prime
    02. The Fallen
    03. War Within Jetfire
    04. Rodimus Prime

    Beast Wars/ BW2/Neo/ - 23
    01. Big Convoy
    02. Lion Convoy
    03. Transmetal Primal
    04. TM Megatron
    05. Transmetal Tigerhawk
    06. TM Cheetor
    07. Transmetal Dephtcharge
    08. TM Rampage
    09. Transmetal Scavenger
    10. Botcon Exlcusive Tigatron
    11. Transmetal Tarauntualus
    12. Fuzor Quickstike
    13. BM Scavenger
    14. Magnaboss- made from Prowl, Silverbolt and Ironhide
    15. Tripredicus- made from Cicadacon, Ram Horn and Seaclamp
    16. Retrax
    17. Primal Prime
    18. Insecticon
    19. Boldfang- Who I renamed Best Wars Lieger
    20. Polarclaw
    21. Corada
    22. Spittor
    23. Fuzor Silverbolt

    Beast Machines- 8
    01. Blastcharge
    02. Air Raptor
    03. Cycle Drone Thrust
    04. Rapticon
    05. MuTitant- a freestyle gestalt composed of the four Mutants- Soundwave, Poisonbite, Razorclaw and Icebird
    06. Terranotron
    07. Scavenger
    08. Mirage
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    those are really cool. i'm glad you showed those to us. do you have any more?
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    Movie stuff, so far I have 33 toys from both movielines combined.

    Note: I need to dust my shelf.

    First Live Action Movie
    - 19
    01. Leader Optimus Prime (first release)
    02. LOC Megatron (I'm selling my leader version)
    03. Preview Starscream
    04. Deluxe Longarm
    05. Preview Optimus
    06. Deluxe Scorponok
    07. Real gear Booster X10
    08. Voyager Ironhide
    09. Deluxe Concept Bumblebee
    11. Voyager Ratchet
    12. LOC Jazz
    13. Voyager Starscream
    14. Real Gear Highscore 100
    15. Voyager Evac
    16. Movie One Deluxe Arcee
    17. Leader Brawl
    18. Deluxe Barricade
    19. Voyager Incinerator

    Note: Modeled by my cousin whose the greatest person I ever met.

    Random stuff 4- but I won't count it in my toy collection
    01. Target Giftcard who transforms into OP
    02. Prime Helmet
    03. RP Truck Flipping Gun arm
    04. Optimus transforming DVD case for the Transformers Movie
    05. Bumblebee transforming DVD case of the Revenge of the Fallen Movie


    Revenge of the Fallen- 15
    01. Leader Optimus Prime
    02. Leader Megatron
    03. Voyager Starscream
    04. Deluxe Rampage
    05. Deluxe Chromia
    06. Scout Knock Out
    07. Scout Ransack
    08. Leader Jetfire
    09. Human Alliance Bumblebee and Sam
    10. HA Sideswipe and Tyrese
    11. Deluxe Icecream Truck Twins
    12. Human Alliance Skids, Red Chromia and Mikala
    13. Dirtboss
    14. Thrust
    15. Bludgeon
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    Sorry dude, Rumble is red :wink: 
    (Especially in toyland, that's pretty indisputable)

    Great collection though!!
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    The rest of my collection!!! The total of transformers alone (including the SW TFs) is 53!!!


    Animated- 18
    01. Deluxe Optimus Prime (I traded my Deluxe Megs for someone else)
    02. Voyager Megatron
    03. Ultra Magnus
    04. Prowl
    05. Samurai Prowl
    06. Elite Guard Bumblebee
    07. Sound Wave- With good ol' Laserbeak
    08. Jazz
    09. Black Aracnia
    10. Grimlock
    11. Swoop
    12. Slag- I have yet to see Snarl
    13. Oilslick
    14. Safeguard- Jetfire and Jetstorm
    15. Lugnut
    16. Lockdown
    17. Shockwave- With Longarm Prime disguise
    18. Activators Police Patrol Bumblebe
    19. Arcee


    I grew up watching Car Robot before it was released to America as "Roobts in Diguise", I'll be listing a lot of my collection with their CR names with their RID names on the side.

    Car Robot/Robots in Disguise- 25
    01. Fire Convoy- aka Optimus Prime
    02. God Magnus- aka Ultra Magnus
    03. Gigatron- aka Megatron
    04. Devil Gigatron- Aka Galavatron
    05. Black Convoy- aka Scourge bka Nemesis Prime
    06. Gelshark- aka Skybyte
    07. Speed Breaker- aka Sideburn
    08. Wild Ride- aka X-Brawn
    09. Mach Alert- Aka Prowl
    10. JRX- made from J5, J7, J4 aka Rail Racer- Railspike, Rapid Run and Midnight Express
    11. Build King- Build Boy, Build Typhoon, Build Tornado and Build Cyclone
    12. Indy-Heat- aka Skid Z
    13. Windsheer
    14. W.A.R.S.
    15. X Car- aka Crosswise
    16. Artfire- aka Hotshot
    17. Eagle Killer- aka R.E.V.
    18. Ox- aka Ironhide
    19. Counter Arrow- aka Mirage
    20. Daytonus
    21. Spychanger Sideburn
    22. Sideswipe
    23. Spychanger Sideburn
    24. Megabolt Megatron
    25. Stormjet

    Star Wars Crossovers- 10
    01. Luke Skywalker the X Wing
    02. Darth Vader the TIE Advanced
    03. Darth Maul the Sith Infiltrator
    04. Boba Fett the Slave 1
    05. Emperor Palpatine the Imperial Shuttle
    06. Han Solo and Chewbaca the Millenium Falcon
    07. Clone Trooper the Star Fighter 170
    08. Arc Clone Trooper the Arc Star Fighter 170
    09. Obi-Wan Kenobi the Jedi Star Fighter
    10. Darth Vader the Mutha-FREAKIN Death Star
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    The A/E/C Universe

    Speaking on the shows, Armada was soso and Energon sucks. I freakin love Galaxy, but the Cybertron dub of it was dreadful. My list will edit CONSTANTLY since my memory is very fuzzy on them; especaily the minicons. Strange since it's one of my fav toylines.

    Within the entire AEC toyline I own 89 toys.

    I weigh a ton and I can't move.

    Armada- 6
    01. Leader class Optimus Prime and Sparkplug
    02. Jetfire and Commetor
    03. Deluxe Nemesis Prime and Run-Over
    04. Leader Megatron and Leader 1
    05. Cyclonus and Crumplezone
    06. A-Unicron and Dead End


    Energon/ Superlink- 20
    01. Rodimus
    02. Landmine
    03. Prowl
    04. Two Infernoes
    05. Leader Optimus Prime
    06. Wing Saber
    07. Scorponok
    08. Ironhide
    09. Hotshot
    10. Tidal Wave and Ramjet
    11. Sharkticon
    12. Slugslinger
    13. Snow Kat
    14. Tow-Line
    15. Downshift (Whom I repurposed as Wheeljack)
    16. Leader Megatron
    17. Voyager General Galavatron
    18. Shockblast
    19. Omega Supreme
    20. E-Unicron and Dead End

    Note: As much as I hate the Energon Show, I freaking LOVE the toys that were produced for the show.


    Cybertron/ Galaxy Force- 36
    I saw Galaxy Force before it was released as Transformers Cybertron. So I'll be using the GF names, some with their Cyb names on the side.
    01. Galaxy Convoy- aka Optimus Prime
    02. Vector Prime and Roots- aka Vector Prime and Safeguard
    03. Nitro Convoy- aka Over Ride
    04. Flame Convoy- aka Scourge
    05. Live Convoy- aka Evac
    06. Megalo Convoy and Horrible- aka Metroplex
    07. Master Megatron
    08. Starscream
    09. Exillion- aka Hotshot
    10. Backpack- aka Scattershot
    11. First Aid- aka Red Alert
    12. Exigeyser- aka Cybertron Defense Hotshot
    13. Packguild- aka Cybertron Defense Scattershot
    14. First Gunner- aka Cybertron Defense Red Alert
    15. Sonic Bomber- aka Wing Saber
    16. Ligerjack- aka Leobreaker
    17. Dreadrock- aka Jetfire
    18. LOC "Red" Hotshot
    19. Chromia- aka Thunderblast
    20. Autovolt- aka Crosswise
    21. Canonball
    22. Shortround (repurposed as Shattered Glass Seaspray)
    23. LOC Thundercracker
    24. Roadstorm- aka Lugnuts
    25. LOC Skywarp
    26. Guardshell- aka Landmine
    27. Jungle Optimus Prime (repainted all in Silver)
    28. Downshift
    29. Armorhide (Re-purposed as Pipes)
    30. LOC Galvatron
    31. Soundwave and Laserbeak
    32. Noisemaze- aka Sideways
    33. Ramble- aka Scrapmetal
    34. Primus- with the exclusive Floating Unicron head
    35. Deluxe Unicron

    OMNI/MINI-CONS!!!- 27
    01. Reacon Team- MINI- Hop, Bumper and Blit- aka Jolt, Reverb and Six Speed
    02. Divebomb- OMNI
    03. Skyblast- OMNI
    04. Star Saber Team- MINI\ Acessory- Runway, Jetstorm and Sonar
    05. The Energon Saber Team- MINI\ Acessory- Wreckage, Scattor, and Skyboom
    06. Star Saber Team Dark version- MINI\ Acessory- Runway, Jetstorm and Sonar
    07. Arcee- OMNI
    08. Skyboom shield Team- MINI\ Acessory- Dirt Boss, Downshift, and Mirage
    09. Skyboom shield Team Dark version- MINI\ Acessory- Dirt Boss, Downshift, and Mirage
    10. Requiem Blaster Team- MINI\ Acessory- Astroscope, Sky Blast and Payload
    11. Armada Perceptor Team- MINI\ Gestalt- made from Sureshock, High-Wire and Grindor
    12. Energon Perceptor- MINI\ Gestalt- made from Sureshock, High-Wire and Grindor
    13. Cruellock- OMNI
    14. Doomlock- OMNI
    15. Land Military Team- MINI- Bonecrusher, Knock Out and Wreckage
    16. Night Attack Team- MINI- Bonecrusher, Broadside and Fetch
    17. StrongArm- OMNI
    18. Destruction Team- MINI- Dualor, Buzzsaw and Drill Bit
    19. Road Wrecker Team- MINI- Dualor, Buzzsaw and Drill Bit
    20. Sea Team- MINI- Oceanglide, Storm Cloud and Watterlog
    21. Battle Ravage- OMNI
    22. Signal Flare- OMNI
    23. Emergency Team- MINI- Prowl, Firebot and Makeshift
    24. Air Military Team- MINI- Terradive, Gunbarrel and Thundewing
    25. Superion Maximus- OMNI\ Gestalt- Storm Jet, Sky Shadow, Teradive, Treadshot and Windrazor
    26. Bruticus Maximus- OMNI\ Gestalt- Barricade, Blackout, Blight, Kickback and Stormcloud
    27. Constructicon Maximus- OMNI\ Gestalt- Steam Hammer, Bonecrusher, Dustorm, Slegde and Wideload
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    So far here's who I plan to buy in the future. There are 17 TFs I want from this year to 2010's line up.

    She wants to know where are her sisters at?

    Deluxe Class- 7
    01. Animated Rodimus Minor maybe
    02. Drift
    03. TF Club Exclusive Punch/ Counter Punch (whose probably going to be expensive)
    04. WFC Optimus Prime
    05. WFC Megatron???
    06. ROTF Hubcap
    07. Dark Mount aka Straxus

    Voyager Class- 1
    01. Animated Wing Blade Prime

    Human Alliance- 3
    01. Barricade and Frenzy
    02. Mudflap and Simons???
    03. Jazz and Lenox


    Other guys I plan to buy- 10
    01. Fan's Project Protector Rodimus armor (hope it'll be made)
    02. Gear of War- waiting for the price to go down
    03. The Legends Movie Devastator giftset- Ministator???
    04. Device Label Blaster- when the heck is he coming!?!
    05. Igear TF-0007 Wrecker Hammer
    06. Crossfire 02- Bruticus Apendages
    07. Fan's Project G3 Trailer- waiting for it to be cheaper
    08. Perfect Effect Mastersword- waiting for the price to go down
    09. Powercore Bruticus
    10. Powercorre Smolder and Chopster???
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    When unveiled the Wreckers sticker set. I wanted to use them, but I don't own all the members of the Wreckers, so I was thinking... who would be the Wreckers within my collection.

    So my version of the Wreckers are the following...

    Cybertron Crosswise and Movie 2007 Long Arm

    Animated Safeguard
    Energon Inferno
    MuTitant- a freestyle gestalt made from all four BM Mutatnts.
    Energon Omega Supreme

    Lastly TFC Toy's Battle Rollar

    If I had a talent for fanfics. I'd love to write about these guys being a team.
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    Nice little collection there man ... I like what you did with the Motorcycles and the Micromen .
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    Thanks DJ. That's like the one thing them bike bots are missing. You can pass another vehicle, but seeing a bike or any other vehicle where the driver needs to be visible is a tough disguise to roll by in.

    Anyhoo, I don't own this TF (yet), but I'd like to for this happy little con moment.

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    Behold Animated Hook, Line and Sinker.

    Also added a bunch of pictures on thread 1 of my collection thread.
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    Love the gurren lagann revoltechs :D 
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    nice collection
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    Stuff I've kitbash/ repaint as well as the bootlegs I've collected and made over the years including various Gundam model kits. All together I have 21.

    Scratch builds, Kitbashes and repaints- 13
    01. Alt-Trailbreaker- kitbash out of Swindle
    02. Univserse Trailbreaker- repaint from a black Universe/RID Spychanger repaint
    03. Alt- Lieger- whom I repainted of a Kissply Hot Rod who comes with Xao Xao
    04. Universe Lieger- kitbash out of Expanded Universe Exlcusive Sideswipe
    05. Universe Electric- kitbash out of RID Sideburn
    06. Deadbolt- kitbash out RID Stormjet
    07. Animated Jetleg- repainted from Animate Lugnut
    08. RID Devastator- a kitbash made from the RID Build team with an extra Hightower & Heavyload
    09. Scratch built Optimus Prime- my first and last Scrtachbuild
    10. Cobra Powerglide- a repaint out of Universe 2.0 Powerglide into a Cobra Rattler
    11. Astoria Carlton-Ritz- a repaint out of Fraulein: Rin Tohsaka
    12. Super F90- a kitbash out F90 and the F90Y model kits with a great deal of F90 add on armory
    13. Getter Robo 1- a kitbash/ scratch build from a HG Master Gundam

    G1 Bootlegs- 8
    01. Red Defensor- made from Hotshot, Blades, Groove, Streetwise and First Aid
    02. Bruticus- made from Onslaught, Blast Off, Vortex, Brawl and Swindle
    03. Menasor- made from MotorMaster, Breakedown, Dragstrip, Wildrider and Deadend
    04. Superion- made from Silverbolt, Air Raid, Skydive and Fireflight and Slingshot
    05. Abominus- made from Hun-Gurr, Blot, Cuttthroat, Rippersnapper and Sinnertwin
    06. Devastaotr- made from Scarper, Mixmaster, Longhaul, Bonecrucher, Scavenger, and Hook
    07. DinoKing- made from Goryu, Doryu, Gairyu, Rairyu, Yokuryu, and Kakuryu
    08. Valdigus- made from Dollrailer, Grejeber, Hepter, Shuttler, and Danger

    Other random non-TF stuff, because I don't just collect Transformers. I won't add this stuff into the big number of Transformers I collect, but the grand total of my miscellaneous toy collection alone is 76!!!

    GI Joe Figures and Vechiles- 8
    01. Movie Scarlett Version 02 Desert Ambush
    02. Alley Viper 2-figure
    03. Cobra Stellar Stiletto- vechile
    04. Eel- figure
    05. Ms. Marvel (Not really a Joe figure, but she's close to in scale with the Joes, so what the hell)
    06. Julia Carpenter version of Spiderwoman (Same as Ms. Marvel)
    07. Movie Firefly
    08. Agent Helix

    Gundam Model kits and Kitbashes- 9
    02. MG Crystal Zaku 2
    03. MG Nu Gudnam
    04. MG Gelgoog
    05. F91- 1/100 scale
    06. MG GP01
    07. MG Gouf

    Gobots/ Machine Robo- 8
    01. Soul of Chogokin Machine Robo Baikanfu- comes with Kenryu, Rom Stol and Rina
    02. Grungy- The repaint of Courageous
    03. Blue Jett aka Fitor
    04. Drill Robo- Srew Head
    05. Path Finder
    06. Crasher
    07. Coptur
    08. Tank

    Micro Millennium- Return of Microman- 31
    I freakin love this series.
    01. Magne Arthur
    02. Drill Joe: The drill
    03. Toma-Hawk: Ax
    04. Hover-Jack: Hovercraft
    05. Spin-Lee: Bike
    06. Bomber-Head: Heavyguns
    07. Spy Heli with Magne Kirk: The cassete tape
    08. Beat Loader with Magne Keith
    09. Robotman Ace- which at times I'd like to call Mircoman Getter Robo
    10. Vampiser: The bat
    11. Hellpion: The scorpion
    12. Iguanite: The iguana
    13. Gun-Body
    14. Jet-Mogler
    15. Razor-Master
    16. Hurricane Bird
    17. Magne Jaguar & Cougar
    18. Stealth Heli with Magne Clark: The soft drink
    19. Kama-claw (Mantis-claw)
    20. Pyrany-tron (Piranha-tron)
    21. Kabu-turbo (Beetle-turbo)
    22. Kero-charger (Frog-charger)
    23. Galac Hopper
    24. Micro Escargot
    25. Crab Dozer
    26. Earth Jetter
    27. Bulk Lifter
    28. Robotman Endeavor
    29. Ninja Izam
    30. Micro Trailer with Secret Breaster Pilot Edison: The Action Master Prime repaint
    31. Microstation with Magne Conan: The playstation base


    Revoltech- 11
    01. Black Getter
    02. Shin Getter Robo
    03. Gurren Lagann
    04. Lazengann
    05. Enki
    06. EnkiDu
    07. Full Drillized Gurren Lagann
    08. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    09. Gurren and Lagann
    10. Arch Gurren Lagann
    11. Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann


    Revoltech: Fraulein series- 2
    01. Yoko- she is part of the Revoletech; sort of
    02. Fraulein: Movie Yoko- same as the other Yoko

    The King of Braves GaoGaiGar- 7
    01. Gaogairgar- along with GoldMarg
    02. Guy Shishioh- the Microman edition
    03. Mikoto Utsugi- the Microman edition
    04. ChoRyuJin- made from HyoRyu and EnRyu
    05. Big Volfog- combined from Volfogg, GunDober and GunGlue
    06. GenkiRyuJin- made from FuuRyu and RaiRyu
    07. Mike Sounders the 13th
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    Game Collection

    Now that I own a Wii and Xbox 360, I figured I'd start a game list. With PS2 as well. I have 46 games in total. I wont count my PSX, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and Gameboy games since I barely remember what I own.

    Playstation 2- 26
    01. Shadow of Collossus
    02. Neo Geo Battle Collesium
    03. Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks
    04. Mortal Kombat: Armageddon and Deception
    05. WWF Smackdown: Just Bring it
    06. WWF Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth
    07. WWF Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain
    08. WWE Smackdown: Just Bring it
    09. WWE Raw vs Smackdown 2005-2009
    10. Resident Evil 4
    11. Soul Calibur 4
    12. Megaman Collection
    13. Tenchu Wrath of Heaven
    14. Robot Alchemic Drive
    15. Yugioh: Dueleist of the Rosses
    16. Armor Core 3
    17. Veiwtiful Joe 1-2
    18. Trnasformers Movie Game
    19. Spiderman Movie game 1-2
    20. God of War 1-2
    21. Devil May Cry
    22. Transformers Armada
    23. Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
    24. Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
    25. Enter the Matrix
    26. Matrix the path of Neo

    Nintendo Wii- 7
    01. Metroid Prime Trilogy
    02. No More Heroes
    03. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
    04. Wii Sports
    05. Star Wars the Force Unleash
    06. Castlevania Judgment
    07. Guitar Hero Metalica Edition

    Wii VR console- 9
    01. Lost Wind- Wii Ware
    02. Megaman 9- Wii Ware
    03. Bubble Bobble Plus- Wii Ware
    04. Super Castlevania- SNES
    05. Shinobi Returns- Sega Genesis
    06. Super Metroid- SNES
    07. Castlevania Rebirth- Wii Ware
    08. Alien Storm- Sega Genesis
    09. Tetris Party- Wii Ware

    Xbox 360- 4
    01. Mass Effect
    02. Mass Effect 2
    03. WWE Raw vs Smackdown 2010
    04. Betonetta

    Original Xbox- 2
    01. Ninga Gaiden: Black
    02. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

    Xbox VR console- 7
    01. Bionic Comando: Re-Armed
    02. Turtles in Time: Reshelled
    03. Super Puzzle Fighter 2: HD Remix
    04. Altered Beast Arcade
    05. Golden Ax Arcade
    06. Ninja Turtles Arcade
    07. King of Fighters 98 Specail Edition

    Want list- 11
    01. No More Heroes 2 (Wii)
    02. Brutal Legend (360)
    03. Mass Effect 3 (360)
    04. Red Steel 2(Wii)
    05. Super Street Fighter 4 (360)
    06. Wii Spoorts Resort (Wii)
    07. Rock Band (360)
    08. Wii Fit (Wii)
    09. Dragon Age: Origins (360)
    10. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (360)
    11. Transformers War for Cybertron (360)
  17. shumworld

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    May 6, 2003
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    I need to update this list since I sold/gave away a huge chunk of my collection.
  18. Alpha_&_Omega

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    Nov 14, 2004
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    eah, its not that simple. animation vs g1 packaging didn't line up.

    FIRRIB - Transformers Wiki

    Any way, shumworld, boss collection. Love the cool poses.
  19. ssjkazer

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    New Zealand
    Preety neat lists
  20. Esteban

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    I like how you number them. I don't know how's my TF's I own but I know it's my enough lol