Showing some love to a good dad

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    I have read the rules and as far as I can tell, I’m aloud to post this link but o recently discovered a old YouTube reviewer who I had watched as a kid a lot, his name is Transformers Obsession and I watched him when he was in his prime and he was very entertaining at times and the most informative i had seen. Recently his channel resurfaced in my subscriptions but with one that was a month old, and after watching it, in ALL of his videos he will say, I love You John and I miss you every day and since it’s Memorial Day I thought u know what I can help this guy, maybe shed some light on his channel and just make his day and I ask all of you as a community to go check out his content, because a year or a year and a half ago his son died, and I don’t know what happened or how and I’m not going to ask, but it all begins with a gijoe review and it’s the first video to include it and I’m not sure if he is on this site, he referenced in his review of big blue convoy his alias and avatar, are Dark Convoy so not sure if he exists here or somewhere idk. but it’s apparent in his videos that he is struggling hard with the death of his son and the man made me cry after watching one of them, u feel that he really mourns the death and I just want you guys to give him some love today and just check him out and leave a like, whatever u wanna do. He’s been through a lot here is the channel link, and just show positivity and love
    Transformers Obsession
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    Bump. Bc a Dad and Memorial Day.