Should I double dip?: Marvel Reprints

Discussion in 'Transformers Comics Discussion' started by Xabungle, Oct 13, 2011.

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    I'm curious about the new IDW Classic Transformers series. I know Marvel's Transformers books have been reprinted previously, both by Titan Books and by IDW themselves, albeit with issues with Marvel characters such as Spiderman missing from the IDW reprints. I have read the new editions will be recolored.

    I have most of the US Continuity via the Titan reprint series. I also have half the full size UK Continuity reprints, and one of the pocket size reprints.
    Now IDW is reprinting the UK issues properly, starting at the beginning and including stories that were not included in the Titan reprints. I am definitely interested in buying at least some of the Classics UK books. But I am thinking of buying the whole series. I might even go for the US continuity reprints.

    Whether or not I do this depends on the quality of the recolors. So I'm asking those who have the new US reprints - how do they look compared to the Titan reprints? And when the UK reprints come out, I'd love to hear a comparison to the Titan reprints as well.