Shia LaBeouf in Parade with Prime Cover.

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    Transformers ROTF star Shia LaBeouf, has taken some time to do an interview with Parade. It covers his career, life, and brief bits on transformers. Was a moderately fun read with some interesting information behind his career and how spielberg found him.

    Additional bits of the article, and the photoshoot can be found here.
    Shia LaBeouf Photo Shoot |

    I just found out myself today when he was featured on the cover of Parade in the paper with optimus prime.
    The article also talks bout his father's alcoholism recovery, and ends on a mildly positive note of LaBeouf himself trying to make amend for his decisions, even calling himsel an alcoholic, and will have to deal with it. Though I have to admit the imagery of him riding his bike to an interview was rather funny and poignant as well.

    (If this isn't news, just lock it like normal, but I did search prior to see if it had already been reported and couldn't find anything. Course I only searched by 'parade', so like I said, lock if it isn't news or has already been reported.)
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    You know, that kid has a good head on his shoulders. He just doesn't know it yet.