2D Artwork: Sheba's New Artwork Thread

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    To start this thread off is a drawing I did last night. It's a what-if scenario, Sheba vs. Combiner Wars Starscream going all Final Fantasy VI Kefka Light of Judgment/FF IX Trance Kuja/Marvel Comics Underbase Starscream. The pink glow does sort of resemble Final Fantasy 9's Trance status, not to mention the coloration of Terra's Esper form which is called "Trance" in FF VI Advance for Gameboy Advance. The attacks Starscream is using in this form appear to be similar to the Enemy Skill/Blue Magic Matra Magic (more closely resembling the FF 9 version than the FF 7 version) OR Trance Kuja's Ultima spell, a Gravity-based attack, and something that resembles the Ultima/Omega Weapon (FF 8) Light Pillar attack. There may be a stun ability in that arsenal as well.

    Since Starscream's completely out of control and wrecking the place, Sheba has to step in, and she is pissed! "Starscream, WHAT did I tell you about fooling around with magical and mystical artifacts?!" *facepaw*

    Since it's probably the case that fire-based magic might not be very effective, and she can't take a chance that Lightning/Thunder based magic will just heal him/make him stronger, Sheba's sticking to Water and Ice magic, such as Blizzaga, Water, Shiva's Diamond Dust, and Leviathan's Tidal Wave. Maybe some Drain (absorbs Hit Points from target) and Osmose (absorbs Magic points from target) as well. If Starscream is in a Berserk status, she might try to Dispel it. If Windblade is KO status she'll cast Life2/Arise/Full-Life on her.