She-Hulk #6

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    She Hulk #6

    Slott's She-Hulk has been one of the most fun book Marvel's published over the last few years and turned a character I never cared about into one of the books I most look forward to each month. If I look at the Diamond Shipping lists and She Hulk is comming it pretty much guarentees I'll make a trip to the store that week.

    The start of a new storyline, I can't say this is the strongest issue around, mainly on account of the artist that draws it. Will Conrad seems to have some decent potential but his art this issue, while nice in places, is just rough and unpollished enough to be distracting.

    Some things he nails, Jen's human face looks just right for instance, but other things well... Pug's face and build are one of the most noticable problems. They're all over the map and never manage to look like they should. Jameson and Two Gun also seem rather generic and sketchy, though not quite as bad as Pug. Also the more people and action in a pannel the weaker it seems to be, and though he's great on the close-ups, that sketchiness definately detracts from the issue.

    All that aside, if you read through the art Slott delivers another really good issue here. The Starfox plot rises naturally and intelligently out of his established behavior and charecterization. There's a cute little tie-in with his Thing book, more romantic entanglement for the cast, made even more tangled by Starfox, some interesting hints about the firm's current boss, and the statement at the end by Pug that, light hearted book or not this actually is a really serious and not at all light hearted issue: is Starfox by use of his natural powers basically "date raping" the women he's seducces. I get the feeling that they'll play on the fact that pheramones are a natural thing that all people have and shouldn't be held accountable for, but we'll see.

    As much as I'm down on the art here, it does improve some as the issue goes on, still I miss Bobillo muchly.

    Story: A
    Art: C
    Overall: B-
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    I actually really dug the art for this issue. The less-cartoony style matched the more serious nature of the plotline. Speaking of which, the new story is an interesting change of pace for the book. It's a lot less light-hearted than anything that's come before it and I'm looking forward to where Slott takes it. Having Starfox, a character who basically has super seduction powers, accused of sexual assualt is a really fresh take on things, IMO.