Shattered Glass Rescue Bots

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    What do you think a Shattered Glass show with the Rescue bots would be like? I'm pretty sure that the bots would be the ones causing the issues.

    Chief Burns would be a fired police officer who wants to take revenge for being booted out of his job. Alternatively he is a corrupt police officer who enjoys locking up innocents in Jail.

    Cody Burns is a petty thief, with not much else to his personality.

    Quint Quarry and his brother are environmentalists who take care in preserving the animals of the Earth.

    Priscilla Pynch is an every-woman, who sees everyone as equal no matter who they are and is always wanting to lend a helping hand.

    Thaddeus Morocco would probably be the main hero for sure, creating his own robots. It'd be interesting if in a way, he CREATES the Decepticons to battle the Autobots, and the Autobots are just an evil race of Cybertronians.

    Not sure about the other humans. I have ideas for the rescue bots.

    Blades. He is silent and deadly, always brave. Whenever he speaks, he always speaks about how great and powerful he is, and is rather egotistical yet keeps that to himself most of the time. He is cruel, cunning and vicious, always scouting out for deceptions to hunt down for sport and kill for the fun of violence. He has no sense of empathy what so ever, despite that he knows a lot about Earth from his time spent there, taking keen interest in the more violent sides of humanity.


    Heatwave has little patience for anything or anyone, constantly being angry and annoying. Despite that he was sent to the Earth by Optimus prime as an elite member of a group of Autobots for operations on Earth. When in the battlefield his strong, silent, and brutal. He has little interest in what he does, often relating to failures, however when he gets motivated, you better watch out. He is Optimus's Right hand, aside Bumblebee. He constantly argues with the others.


    Chase is nothing but a thug and a doug, knowing little aside from his reputation for gang related violence and lounging around. He is often seen around the Autobot base, just being a lazy ass and doing nothing, despite this, he is rather effective at fighting. Which may be the only reason why he is around, aswell as his reputation to cause mayhem.


    Boulder is little more than hired muscle. He is extremely dumb and believes in anything you tell him no matter how ludicrous it is. He is extremely clumsy and prone to making mistakes which make the other Autobots angry at him. He never likes what he does aside from causing chaos and destruction, only doing it for the sake of the Autobot cause. He is loyal, he would rather be rampaging through towns, destroying everything and furfilling his rageful desires, despite his stupidity. He is likely to be killed off by sport at some point.

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