2D Artwork: Shatter Howl - Original Character

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    I really dig this character and had a lot of fun with her colors.

    Character created by Kimbo Demonica from Deviantart.

    Click link below for a higher res image:




    Name: Shatterhowl
    Gender: Female
    Height: 15'
    Faction: Decepticon
    Occupation: Scout/Close Range Combat specialist
    Alternate Mode: Chimera (mix of beast-bot parts)
    Tools/Weapons: Broad Ray gun (tail blade in alt mode) Antler tine/blades, Caustic Lye projectile weapon (alt mode only)
    QUOTE: "All Autobots are my prey"

    SPEED: 8
    RANK: 6
    COURAGE: 5
    SKILL: 9

    Description: Shatterhowl's build is designed to be fast and to pack a swift punch. A bit of a mixture of technology befitting her chimera mode; Shatterhowl's robot form is a mix of matt grey and black intermixed with red panels and gold tines and spikes. Underlying circutry and underarmor is a dull grey/red intermixed with psudeo-techno-organic parts common to Beast-bots. Slits in her forearm and chest allow the Antler tines of her beast mode to slot in and interchange, while her tail blade doubles as a modified broad-ray gun while in robot mode. Forepaws fold behind the wrist joint while her feet remain very much canine-like in both modes. Back is covered in fine needle sharp spines which form the "ruff" on her beast mode, while her tail tucks in along her back. Her most fearsome weapon is her Caustic spit, made from a potent Lye/Alkaline which can eat through metal and fester as rust by anyone unfortunate enough to get bitten or spat at.

    Personality: Shatterhowl is prone to fits of jealousy and foul moods and changes moods and emotions more often than the weather does. Shatterhowl prides herself on her abilites and likes to maintain her fearsome reputation among the Decepticons and resents any implications that being a femme makes her less of a warrior. Despite it, she does geniunely care for her direct subordinates and maintains a loyalty to any who rank above her. She also has an unrequited crush on Starscream, much to his displeasure.

    History: Shatterhowl's primary function has always been scouting; as a canind-type transformer and originally was based off the animalistic Casseticons, but built to an average-sized Transformer template. Firstly used to map out new worlds on exploration and scouting expeditions, she was then recuited by Megatron and then deployed to sniff out Autobot hideouts on Cybertron. Shatterhowl was transferred to Earth when the Dinobots were created in an effort to combat them with very limited sucess. When reformatting for Earth, Shatterhowl's Transformation program suffered a glitch and scanned four lifeforms at once (Wolf/Deer/Scorpion/Snake) and as a result became a chimera-like Transformer, not only effecting her shell but her processors as well. Generally in the heat of combat Shatterhowl uses her secondary mode and allows the "beast" program to override primary functions, making her a force to be feared with.
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    well done i like it very much