Non-TF: Shapeways Bounding Boxes (skp file for you)

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    I uploaded my new Bruiser kit to shapeways and found that the colored options were no longer available.. it later dawned on me that the printing bounding boxes must be different for dyed and polished parts than for WSF. Something I really hadn't thought of before.

    So I created a sketchup file with all the bounding boxes for all the materials we're likely to need (not bothering w/ alumide or sandstone or anything) and put them in a separate layer.

    So now you should be able to copy and paste the boxes into whatever layout file you have going and they will be on their own layer. You can then go to Window>>Layers to turn on and off that layer while your working. :) 

    Enjoy, and happy new year.

    The file was too big to attach so I've uploaded it to the sketchup 3D warehouse. You can download the file from there to use as your layout file, or you can import it directly into your working files using that icon that looks like a cardboard box w/ a yellow down arrow and then search for "shapeways"

    Shapeways Bounding Boxes by Chris - 3D Warehouse


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