SH figuarts Kamen Rider figures for SAle Exclusive new Deno and Yuuki

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    Hey there. This is TheActionBase. I am recent new member here in HJU and I am also a youtuber that reviews SH Figuarts. If you want to see my reviews on Rare figures please check out my reviews and hope you subscribe. YouTube - TheActionBase's Channel

    Right now due to some financial issue with my family and for me going to Australia next month to see my girlfriend, I have to sell some of my figures. It is very hard and very depressing to see my figures go like this, but for my family issue with financing, I have to make it exception. The SH Figuarts I am currently selling are...

    1.) SH Figuarts Kuuga Ultimate Form (MISB) I have this one to let go because I already have 3. PRICE = 40.00

    2.) SH FIguarts EXCLUSIVE YUUKI. One of my most prized possesion Along with new den-o. I have already reviewed this one in my youtube. SO please check it out. This figure is MINT and displayed in glass cabinet along with my figuarts. No missing pieces. Joints are tight and very well taken care of.
    Price= 130.00

    3.) SH Figuarts Decade Violent Emtion (MISB)

    My sh figuarts New-Deno Strike form is up for sale. This figure is MIB. It was displayed and reviewed in my Youtube channel.

    Price=155.00 USD. The figure comes in everything including a box. Please PM if interested and hope this figure goes to a good home.


    YouTube - S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Yuuki Skull/Highjack Form Review

    YouTube - S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider New Den-O Strike Form Review

    Priority Mail Shipping (2-3 business days) will be 15.00 includes tracking and insurance. I only ship it to USA.

    I hope these will go to a wonderful home and if you are interested, Please PM me for the picture so I can send them to you privately. Thank you so much and please check out my reviews on YOUTUBE. Thank you and God bless and HOpe you guys can help me out.