Series Bibles, example please?

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    I am an inspiring writer, who wishes one day to develop my idea. But, it isn't easy to remember every plot point and character.

    Writers used what's called a series bible, to give them a brief idea on what's a show all about. This includes personalities, do's and don'ts, theme, and an outline of the entire series.
    Examples of what a series bible should look like will be much needed!

    • Should character bios include eye color, height, body type, etc?
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    'bibles' are usually created after you've established your characters and have written down the things they have done, and how they react. This is mainly for your own benefit and the benefit of future writers of that material. Really, it's just a list of things you want to be sure to remember. I'd recommend you check out one of the character guides from DC or Marvel. Or, just go through random characters through wiki and see what other people consider important.

    Cosmetics like height, body type, and ect really aren't all that important while you're creating your story. As the idea of what you want the character to be will most likely evolve over time. Even if you have something specific for it right now. But, if you do have an idea of how you want them to look, yea, write it down. All these things will help you stay more consistent with your storytelling.

    In addition to all the things you have written, remember the key to a good story, is a good character. And, a good character is a character that evolves over time. They should be almost unrecognizable at the end of the story than from the beginning. They should have challenges that they have to overcome. It are these challenges that help develop them as a person. They should have things they are strong at, and they should have things that they are weak at. This doesn't just mean that they can lift a car, or become super weak after being shined with a glowing green light. But, more like, for example, perhaps your character is great at socializing, but is a horrible procrastinator. Remember, a jack of all trades, is a master of nothing. People aren't super awesome at everything. Generally people have very few really good skills that they have spent their lifetime mastering. Someone who tries to master them all, will be a master of nothing. Which is away you could make a character. Perhaps they are trying to be a jack of all trades, become super awesome at everything at the beginning. But, over the time of the challenges presented to them, they learn that they have to stick to just one thing to get great at. They learn that they can be okay at everything, or great at one thing. And, it is that one thing that helps them succeed.

    Creating a story involving characters is all about character growth. Writing things down in a 'bible' or more accurately, a log or journal will help you keep it consistent. It's all about making a character transform into a better, or in some cases, worse person by the end of the story. All depending on the way you want to go. (The Joker film, as an example, has Joker transform into a horrible person, and the film shows how and why that happens.)

    It is also important to remember, no matter how super-awesome your character becomes at everything, even Superman and Batman, can't do everything at the same time. Occasionally, even Goku needs a little help from some friends.
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