Selling Transformers Titanium, Star Wars Master Replicas/NES More!

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    Hi, I am looking to thin out my collection and I am selling the following:

    Transformers Titanium's, $20.00 each, Kre-o Lot $20.00. Box is sealed and in good shape.


    Sealed Titanium Hotspot, $20 (Box is worn but sealed). Voltron Figures $15 ( I believe they are complete), Marvel Mini-Mates $8, NES carts Blaster Master $5, Kung-Fu $8. Both carts in great shape.


    Star Wars Master Replicas FX Lightsabers:

    All have been slightly played with.

    1. Darth Vader 2003: Great shape, one section at the top does not fully light, but it's small. I can send you a picture if interested. $110.

    2. Anakin ROS 2005: Great shape. $150

    3. Mace Windu ROS 2005: Great shape, $200. Slight color turn on the gold switches, shown in image. Also has bagged instructions.

    4. Green EL Custom Lightsaber: $40. My old EL Green Lightsaber. Runs on a 9 Volt. No sound. Blade is removable as is the top piece so you could use it on another custom.

    I have stands for two of the lightsabers. The third I am missing a second prong. I will include the complete stands to the first 2 Master Replicas sold. The third will get the partial stand.

    Shipping will be determined and paid by the buyer.


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