Selling tf's In uk

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    PM me with offers. Remember im in the uk so sending them to the states may be expensive. I will try to get quotes next day on shipping but only if the pm is sent today, tommorow, wenesday or thursday.

    Withought further ado:
    -G2 laser prime: Main body only, includes smoke stacks. Led's Work except in the left fist.

    Armada Thundercracker: Main body Only: Electronics work

    Movie one Swindle: Complete: Chest gun gimmick stuck, Transforms fine

    Armada Red alert: Main Body and Gun: Electronics work

    Movie one legends jazz: Missing one piece: See pictures.

    Movie one legend Ratchet: Complete

    SWC anakin, only one lightsaber and Eamaged, Still transforms

    UniverSE legends starscream: Complete

    Real gear Nightbeat

    Movie one legends barricade. Complete

    Tru reissue prowl: Missing pistol-sold-Jaicen

    Thanks for looking