Selling stuff to finance Ga collector convention!

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    Hi all!

    I'm selling a bunch of stuff from my collection to invest in starting a collectors convention here in Ga called "Ga collectors HUB"(wish me luck!) listed below is some of what I'm selling now. I've attached some pics for pricing and more photos I've included a link to my toy consignment site (I'm adding new stuff daily.) I'm also willing to negotiate on many items as well you can PM me here but I prefer email or just contact me through my site as it goes straight to my cell. I also have a gang of gundam stuff I'll be listing...just gotta figure out pricing.

    • Junkion army of 8 complete (loose with packaging) $100 for all
    o 1 wreakgar
    o 7 junkheaps
    • Transformers Primus & Unicron Loose $140
    • Transformers universe Megatron 6changer MIB $60
    Transformers generations decepticon hord
    o Classics Megatron (loose) $15
    o Generations Cyclonus (loose with nightstick) $20
    o Transformers custom Scourge & 2 Sweeps (loose with weapons) $40
    o Generations lugnut (loose with rocket no manual) $30
    o ROTF Mindwipe (loose missing Skyfall) $30
    o Generations Skull grind $20
    o Generations Hailstorm $13
    • Classice/universe Deepdive (the shadow one… has both rockets no manual) $20
    • Transformers Universe Springer & Ratbat $65
    • Transformers RID Scourge (100% complete no packaging) $100
    Generations Seeker lot $150
    o Star scream (loose complete with manual)
    o Dirge (loose complete with manual)
    o Thrust (loose complete with manual)
    o Thundercracker (loose complete with manual)
    o Ramjet (missing rockets, manual, 2 small upper wings)
    o Skyshadow (loose complete with packaging)
    ******Newly added*****
    3 Fansproject Crossfire bruticus sets!
    1) Fansproject Crossfire explorer and munitioner set with ROTF Bruticus Limbs $325
    1) Fansproject Crossfire explorer and munitioner set w/ ROTF Bruticus Limbs (grey onslought) w/heavytread upgrade $335
    1) Fansproject Crossfire explorer and munitioner set w/ ROTF Bruticus Limbs (blue onslought) w/warcry (instead of Brawl. at your request I will include brawl instead of warcry. Warcry has all weapons) $356

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    Any one interested in the idea of a Ga Collectors convention please PM, contact me at my site link or hit me up on facebook at Thanks for checking it out!


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