Selling stuff thread!

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by CobramusPrime, May 28, 2014.

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    Ok for now I only have these up for sell, but will add more when I feel the need to let anything else go, for a price of course.

    Ok for today I have up are these three FP Causality X Fire (not Stunticon) cars complete with there box.
    CA-09 Car Crash, CA-11 Down Force, and CA-12 Last Chance.

    I've only transformed these once and put'em back in the box, wanted to finish the combine mode but never got around to completing it so they just sat in there boxes waiting for a torso and another limb.

    Anyways, prices!

    CA-09 Car Crash $55.00

    CA-11 Down Force $55.00

    CA-12 Last Chance $50.00

    For all three, price is $155. Shipped!

    S/h will be $3.00 for each (sorry, for now I'm only shipping in the US)


    It is not really noticeable in the pic but Down Force has small bit of paint chipped on his nose, that's from me transforming it the first time and why he is a bit cheaper than the rest.