Selling some Marvel Legends figs. and other stuff on Evil-Bay - take a look!

Discussion in 'Transformers On Ebay' started by Triformis, Jan 8, 2008.

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    Check it out! I've been forced to resort to Evil-Bay. :(  The bidding started under a dollar for each item, so get to it! :) 

    TI-82 Graphing Calculator (

    D.C. Direct Green Lantern Series 1 - Black Hand (MOSC)

    Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 1 - Ultimate Wolverine (MOC - no Blob BAF part)

    Marvel Legends Series 9 Galactus BAF - FA Hulk (MOSC, Left Arm)

    Marvel Legends Series 3 - Daredevil (MOSC, No Stubble)

    Marvel Legends Series 11 Legendary Riders - Vengeance (MOSC)

    Marvel Legends Series 9 Galactus BAF - Deathlock (MOSC, Torso)

    Spider-man Classics - Venom (MOSC)

    1978 Star Wars Chewbacca Vintage 12" Doll w/Mighty Ducks Gear