Selling some customs and some Studio Series and other bots.

Discussion in 'The Junk Pit' started by erwinsims, Aug 7, 2019.

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    Hello everyone,

    I decided to make some room in my collection and to save up for some other bots.

    Therefore I will be selling some of my spare bots and 2 of my Optimus Prime customs.

    These customs have been shown trough the treads so if you need more pictures I can show them there. I will add more when I have time to show them.

    I will ship worldwide, that said, remember I live in the Netherlands and shipping will not be included in the asking price.

    This is what I have on sale.

    Studio Series:
    Ironhide with box. 35 euro.
    Studio Series Lockdown 20 euro.

    Voyager TLK Optimus prime (2x) 20 euro each.

    Studio Series Ratchet 15 euro
    DOTM Deluxe Ratchet 15 euro

    Custom painted OS KO SS05 Optimus Prime
    50 euro
    Custom painted OS TLK Optimus Prime
    50 euro
    Custom painted and modded AOE Eveasion mode Optimus Prime
    50 euro.

    for more info or questions/ bids you are welcome to contact me here or in a p.m.
    here are the pictures to go along with my offerings:
    98C471BE-7D7E-42EF-BBBC-700538B5C2D3.jpeg 94923d9d-73fa-48a4-8224-89aa0cea3ff0.jpg 67546263_10157770610897150_1894894804551073792_n.jpg 67738178_10157770610872150_8643627051909120000_n.jpg 67762348_10157770610637150_5360894693292900352_n.jpg 67789043_10157770610862150_2630144784164978688_n.jpg 67805515_10157770610317150_8525591394880847872_n.jpg 67811784_10157770610532150_5899023618393767936_n.jpg 67830982_10157770610747150_7605045135864233984_n.jpg 67874175_10157770610607150_2032460266284777472_n.jpg 67874275_10157770610562150_7309303776739852288_n.jpg 67890878_10157770610782150_230363341174865920_n.jpg 67965825_10157770610687150_2244666517251686400_n.jpg 68452944_10157770610647150_5481848677519589376_n.jpg 68538836_10157770610712150_7915897882153058304_n.jpg 68599512_10157770610267150_3842824582532694016_n.jpg 68708568_10157770610837150_4232809283751772160_n.jpg 68847921_10157770610757150_1121591732522188800_n.jpg A5176B67-3ED6-498E-8A43-A60B6D5E8964.jpeg F89EE112-8856-4B26-8348-2C186ECD603F.jpeg IMG_3238.JPG 49433A1C-2DBC-4C56-90E3-4D23504F8EE6.jpeg 3964366C-4CA4-4269-ABB0-2F23F6496A54.jpeg C236ADB0-C7E9-4557-B50C-5948A79A3114.jpeg D176FB82-29C3-4AE1-A212-C080FFF32C49.jpeg