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    Hi there.

    To make a long story short, I was a collector (and frequent poster on this board) for a period of about five years in the late 90's and early 00's. I say this just to give you guys an idea of what's in my collection, which has basically sat in a closet for the better part of a decade.

    I'm moving and, frankly, don't want to deal with it and don't care about it anymore, so I'm selling it on eBay, starting with this guy.

    It's basically going to work like this: I'm going to put bigger items up daily every weekday (the next is a MIB reissue God Ginrai), then lots of smaller items (I have a lot of loose mint Robots in Disiguse and Beast Machines stuff*), and whatever doesn't go on eBay will find a home at the nearest Goodwill.

    My goal is pretty much to get this stuff out of the house, so I'm putting But it Nows on everything and accepting offers (I *hate* using eBay). So for anyone checking out my auctions, some cool stuff is coming up, including (but not limited to):

    MIB Takara reissue Soundwave
    MIB Takara Car Robots Super Fire Convoy
    MIB Takara Car Robots Baldigus
    MIB Takara Robots in Disguise Megatron
    MIB Takara Robots in Disguise Galvatron
    MIB Hasbro reissue Ultra Magnus
    MIB Hasbro reissue Hot Rod
    MIB Takara Lio Convoy

    I bought these, displayed them for a couple years, and then packed them away. Everything is from a non-smoking home. If there are any defects to a specific piece, I'll mention it in the auction.

    Take care, all, and happy collecting.

    *I'll also be posting some Masters of the Universe stuff if anybody's interested, as well as what I think is the odd Megazord or two.