Selling my Ocular Max Sphinx (G1 Mirage) Exclusives and More!

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    Hey guys! New to the thread, but been an eBay seller for quite a while! Hoping I may interest some of you in some of the third party transformers I have at a BIN price (also accepting reasonable offers).

    Primeseven5's items for sale

    Currently, I have the following up for sale...

    SOLD! Third-Party PS01S Sphinx - MMC Ocular Max TFCON Toronto Exclusive
    SOLD! Third-Party PS01S Sphinx - MMC Ocular Max TFCON Chicago Exclusive
    SOLD! MISB PS01R Sphinx Regenesis (G2 Mirage) - MMC Ocular Max TFCON DC Exclusive

    SOLD! Third-Party Arkose (MP Beachcomber) - X-Transbots MM-VIII
    SOLD! Third-Party Brawny (MP Brawn) - Badcube OTS-02

    Please let me know if you have any questions about the items listed. I am the original owner of these items and I'm also a collector so don't hesitate to ask.

    Please note that I do ship internationally, but only in select locations. Thanks!


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