Selling KO Liokaiser Components Loose

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    Sep 3, 2011
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    Hey people.

    Just selling some KO Liokaiser stuff.
    These are the the Quick Change versions, so no Breast Animals, Guyhawk and "Helldealer", (The Doubledealer replacement for Hellbat), do not have torso flaps, Jallguar's missles are one piece, and Leozack doesn't have flip out feet.

    Combining them still works.

    Plastic quality is quite good.

    These are also loose, so I could remove the crappy stickers.

    Here are the prices of the ones that I have :

    Leozack: $4 Shipped
    Jallguar: $4 shipped
    Guyhawk: $4 Shipped
    Helldealer: $3 Shipped

    $12 Shipped for the lot.

    I have a complication with Paypal, so contact me for payment details.